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i am a third year architectural student faced with a dilemma, i have been infatuated with comics for a long time now and had made up my mind to freeze them as my thesis topic for when i get to my final year, but there is a problem: i am in pakistan. most of the architects here have yet to think outside the modernity of architecture, and there is no certified comic industry in my country as per se too.

given that what i WANT to do for my thesis is to offer a socio-architectural solution for the lack of comic industry in my country as a cheap form of art that may also be used for education or motivational propaganda here, but i shant have any local precedences and also be sorely lacking in any local advisory capacity. my question is this:

should i begin with my thesis right away or is now too soon? if not now, when would be the most opportune time and why? and if yes, how should i go about it on my own?

Nov 1, 13 9:54 am

I don't know if this is an architectural or a design thesis?

In the US we also have Zines which I think might fit the description you listed above. Comics fall into this category but not all Comics are considered Zines, they tend to be more commercial or profit oriented.

Some interesting Links


So a Thesis is supposed to answer a question.

One question to consider if this is an architectural problem is what kind of space is needed to make comics and or zines?

Or maybe the Comic or Zines are a delivery method for some architectural solution to a common problem such as housing or clean water.

This seems like and exciting endeavor with many options

Good Luck

Peter N

Nov 2, 13 10:59 am

some really great ideas peter, but lemme tell you that what most people call a thesis, we call a dissertation report and then the very next semester, we have to offer an architectural thesis. most people here pick random subjects for both these exercises and in the end turn up without directions, i intend to save myself from that.

in 2014, i will be in my fourth year and that is all teh time i have to decide and prepare cus in 2015 i have to give my dissertation in the first semester, and my architectural thesis in the second. we only get 6 months for out architectural thesis so i am hoping that my topic is so frozen and set that my adviser doesn't make me experiment from topic to topic, wasting  time i could otherwise spend working on something i love.

so to answer your question, i am thinking of a direction that pertains to comics that can lend a workable query both for my dissertation as well as my thesis: for my dissertation i am thinking of researching the socio-architectural impact of introducing comic culture in my society where there is none, and for my thesis, i hope i can sum up a solution for the very statement i will have raised in the previous semester, effectively transforming a mere one semester exercise into a one year exercise.


Nov 6, 13 12:54 am

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