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My academic research is about to start. I'm interest about do my research about coastal area hotels. But still i do not have clear specific area to do further. It is just a academic level research. Can you all help me to find a topic for my research. 

Thank You!

Oct 25, 13 12:49 pm
>insert snarky do your own homework statement here<

How about the politics of squatting?
Oct 25, 13 6:18 pm

Thank you for your idea. I also have some ideas. 

  • street facade repose as a coastal beach hotel 
  • structural solutions for coastal beach
  • arrangement of lobby areas with reference to the beach
  • spacial progression till meet the climax

I am messed up with so many ideas. I need to find a strong topic which can carry on with plenty of information and 3 case studies. I am looking all of your comments to get the best decision. 

Thank you!

Oct 26, 13 2:14 am

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