Thoughts on this project?


I have some issues with the detailing, but it's interesting overall.  Other thoughts?

Oct 23, 13 5:13 pm

looks beautiful...whats wrong with the details? I cannot tell from the photos

Oct 23, 13 5:20 pm

I find the metal mullions to be a little thick / odd.  Maybe it was unavoidable.

But yeah, I do think the carved-out forms are really fantastic.  Johnston Marklee just released photos of this house and another.  Nice to see they're producing great new work.  Will be interesting to see where they go in the years to follow.

Oct 23, 13 5:30 pm

Wow, I smiled all the way through that slide show.  Very calm, lovely spaces.  Great light.  Great proportions.  Love the shifting of the facade over the garage doors.  Lovely.

I hope the exterior - stucco? concrete? - doesn't get too streaky or stained, although even that might read as patina.

Oct 24, 13 8:05 am

Ill-proportioned, sterile, pop. Instantly dated.


Oct 24, 13 9:29 am
Noah Walker

I love it.   I think their work is original and interesting. I like how the window forms that are registered in the facade shape the interior spaces.

Oct 24, 13 10:48 am

They have great work. Its hard to judge the mullions from the photos, seems like something you would have to see it real life. 

Oct 24, 13 3:50 pm

Kind of looks like as if a middle eastern bad guy had a house made from cheese...otherwise it's OK.

Oct 24, 13 4:29 pm

the "street" facade is unfortunate.  that garage frontage is very off-putting - it should have been cut flat as something completely different (as in, the house up on a plinth), not integral to the rest of the building - and the base on that beach side would have been stronger if it didn't also have those same flat arcs.  The rest of this project is quite lovely.


those garage doors really kill it, though - all the other "vaults" are deep cuts that allow light or human passage and then they have these shitty garage doors that look like something on a cheesy mcmansion.

Oct 25, 13 4:03 pm

I see your point on the garage door recess, kerfuffle.  I guess they were trying for a flatness on that facade under the glass, to give it more mass? Not sure if recessing them would have been better or worse, though.  But I do love the overall composition of that facade, being off-center with this sense of mystery around the little cut off arch at the corner.

Oct 25, 13 4:37 pm

^ That's a good pickup on the lack of uniformity of detail.

But to me all of the cutouts seem arbitrary and capricious. There isn't any kind of logic that I can grasp, and I'll bet the acoustics are atrocious. All those spotlights on the inside - egad.

The idea of an interior courtyard is nice, and could have made a beautiful entry and visual for associated spaces but as executed is just an odd unnatural space without any redeeming features. Weird asymmetric arches, implied missing columns, no texture or detail, I really don't see what there is to like. It's white box meets Dali.

But in relation to another thread it's apparently what the public wants.


Oct 25, 13 6:30 pm

I second the disappointment with the street facade.  Elsewhere, the swoops appear more abstract and intriguing.  But that street elevation looks like good old-fashioned arches in stucco over 2x4s (maybe 2x6s).  It's a total disconnect for me.

Oct 25, 13 11:43 pm
chatter of clouds

there is something appealingly kooky about it, it almost doesnt take itself too seriously ...but  the exterior shot shots show it to be rather  irresponsive, shoebox like and bland white -quite compromising. too bland. with all those funny appertures, why shouldnt the outside skin be more responsive..i mean more fun. and differentiating the outer crust  from the inner surface would add more meaning given that the inner space  has been carved out.  i'm not sure that it should also be so severe as a shoebox. i mean i dont find a compelling reason for the limitation, its not the work of a swiss architect (rather swiss cheese :) is it? 

the apertures are off-kilter, i like that. although i don't know if i'm comfortable with the proportion of aperture openings to wall surface as shown in the first shot- there is something unproportionate about that. maybe i would like the walls to be thicker; that way the impression of carving out the windows would be stronger and i would buy the into the idea of the walls. 

 however, the interior shots definitely make sense, the flow of surfaces and the apertures invite the eyes to travel along. 

i agree about the garage doesnt go far enough there. 

Oct 26, 13 3:06 am

don't like it.

Oct 26, 13 4:38 am

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