working outside usa


well....i'm looking for alternatives. like many my practice has been roasted along with the economy and its time to think about moving on. looking specifically for any websites listing forgeign jobs or agencies which deal with professionals overseas.
and any personal experiences or reccomendations are welcome and helpful

a bit of background
25+ years of experience on a broad variety of projects.
free and willing to travel anywhere

Oct 21, 13 5:29 am

not a single response?
i suppose this site is for young hot shots who think they will find their mtv fame.
best of luck with it, my personal belief: this profession is cooked.

best regards

Oct 27, 13 3:18 am

No, this forum board is for well... ppl just like you. Can't find work, unemployed and looking, or underemployed, all here to vent.

Think of it as AA, Architects Anonymous, we gather around to discuss our plights in this horrible industry. It helps others feel not so bad when they can hear that it is basically the same for every regular 'Joe' trying to make a living doing 'architecture'. If you didn't pick up on the key word there, it was trying.

Have you ever hear of Nosara? It's in Costa Rica. Badass surfing, yoga galore, and several 'what use to be nice' hotels from the 790's & 80's that are vacant now, perfect for squatting in.

Collect beads & shells, grow dreads, do lots of 'downward dog', and learn to surf. Ppl are nice down there, and every Saturday there are a couple flea markets where you could set up shop and sell you friendship bracelets? Just a thought.

Oct 27, 13 5:22 am

Well, then again you're right.

I do see alot of young whipper snappers on here asking for critics on their portfolio and crap.

Also, alot of question about schooling, what is the best University for me?, and questions like those.

Anyone ever seen Requiem for Dream?

Whenever I see posts about that kinda stupid crap it's basically like watching a youth shot up for the first time. Scary, yet satisfying that it's not me....anymore.

Thank you Archinect for keeping me 'architecture free' for the past three months... always remember, step 1 is admitting that you're an idiot... I mean architect.

Oct 27, 13 5:32 am
Dezeen and world-architect are two of the best for foreign jobs. With 25+ years of experience you should have no problem finding a position if you're serious about relocating. Germany, Austria and Switzerland are hiring, just not sure how the visas are managed.

Best of luck young hot shots aren't all bad...
Oct 27, 13 11:11 am

Rio should be going full bore for the Olympics?

Oct 27, 13 8:04 pm

You're not getting a lot of responses because such a service doesn't really exist. 

If you're looking for work in Germany, would be a good start, but be aware that many (most?) offices only really advertise on their own website, if at all. 

Visa information can be found from the website of your target country's embassy in the USA.

I wouldn't bother with agencies.

Oct 29, 13 4:38 am

thanks for the reference to Dezeen and World-Architect

yes looking at Rio and other places in S America. - thanks also for this.

Yes Visa's and Embassies

In Europe i suspect a visa will be the biggest obstacle these days..

For now i'll keep my focus on SA.... buenos dias

Oct 30, 13 5:09 pm

Actually, I'd say that finding an applicable job will be the biggest obstacle. The visa rules (again for Germany at least) aren't particularly restrictive.

It sounds like you've got tons of experience though, so you've got that in your favour.

Oct 30, 13 7:34 pm

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