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Hi, i'm currently starting my thesis year and i was looking to do my topic on something i'm really interested in, cars/architecture. The problem that I've been running into is that it's still too general. I'd like to focus on the fact that people customize their cars to somehow fit their lifestyle, it becomes an extension of themselves. Now how that fits into a thesis for architecture, i'm still trying to figure out. Figured i'd give this forum a shot and see what ideas or insight you great people could give me.

Oct 19, 13 10:23 pm
I enjoy pondering about the unique perspective that we experience the world.. Nature.. Night time freeway lights ... NYC skyscrapers - townships.. From the road-- the perspective of the automobile changes our perception . A rapidly moving landscape- a journey.. Also the idea of transforming the massive expanses of sprawl - mini marts drive thrus ,,, signage .. Into a more refined and beautiful experience -- turning the some of the most bland ... over commercialized landscapes into something beautiful--- green... I worked on the drive thru experience for a company aimed at changing the drive thru into more of a conscious edifice... Check out "Starbucks shipping containers". In google for some examples... good luck!
Oct 22, 13 3:15 am
Oct 22, 13 3:16 am

Thank you harmony for your insight. Those shipping containers for starbucks are really awesome.

Oct 29, 13 9:09 pm
Stripscape - Phoenix, AZ - Darren Petrucci
Oct 29, 13 9:25 pm

hey i have taken up fashion technology park and handloom industry as my thesis topic, i need help with case studies and if any1 has any information or drawing please do mail me in i would be very grateful

Feb 13, 14 11:44 pm

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