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Hi Yall
it's been a while since I last posted here on any significant topic. Or any topic actually. I guess the work pace has been too crazy recently to let me procrastinate here as much as i used to.
Anyway, like many other 35ich so called "young" architects, I have partnered with 2 firends to open our own architecture office in 2007.
Until now, we had a really small and crapy space to work in, but we have just move into something a little better. And we want to find a cheap office chair for our sorry backs, since we are tired of sitting in used school chairs. The price limit is low (let's start with

Dec 30, 08 9:20 am

maybe try and see if there are any bankruptcy auctions of inventories, shouldn't be too hard these days...

Dec 30, 08 3:16 pm

if haworth's zody is available there (i don't know), i love mine and it should be about that price.

Dec 30, 08 4:09 pm

Thanks for both hints, eventhough I found Steven's more likely to happen. There's not that much architect office closing doors yet. I like the Zody chair ok, but I'm not sure it's in my price range after all, since I've found a website mentionning 800 bucks as a basic price. I'll keep looking, and as soon as I found something interesting, i'll report here and include a price range for each one of the chair I'm searching. Right now, here are my preferences:

Intersthul Silver swivel chair:

Palm 1207:

Catifa 53 0215:

Boum sur roulettes:

Tindari Studio 518:

However, I'm pretty sure NONE of these chair is in my price range :(.
I'll let those interested know whenever I get the prices info.

Dec 31, 08 5:43 am

youch. mine was under $400 which (i thought) should have translated to about 200e +/-. if there is a haworth rep in paris or vicinity, they often make deals for archs. especially if you're getting a few.

Dec 31, 08 7:06 am
liberty bell

French, Haworth *does* have a spectacular record of giving architects deep discounts for furniture for their own use. My X99 chair is an example of this, and it's a great chair. Don't go through a website retailer, go straight to the Haworth rep in your town (this assumes, of course, that there is one in your town).

Dec 31, 08 10:52 am

Thanks liberty. I sure won't buy them through the web, but since I've rarely seen a discount from a reseller or even a manufacturer of more than 30% (which would already be a great deal) I thougth I couldn't get the zody for less than 500/600 bucks (which is probably like 350/400 euros I guess?).
I'm already in contact with most resellers of the chairs I mentioned above. I haven't contacted yet the Haworth retailer here (there is one in Paris) since I was more tempted by the Interstuhl model ...I like the design better but I definetly have to try it before buying it. I'll keep you updated...
Thanks for your input on such an un important thread, and of course HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL OF YOU!

Dec 31, 08 12:52 pm

workalicious has been doing a huge thing on chairs...

they tried to pick out chairs for $100, i think they quickly found they don't exist.

prolly not all in your price range, but... check 'em out.

Dec 31, 08 1:00 pm

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