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Hi all,

I am planning to apply for M.Int Arch for Fall 2014 in US . I have a B.Arch degree from India- graduated in 1999 and have been working as a Interior Architect for about 13 yrs now.... I have a million questions to ask.And i I'll start this thread with the first few.......

I am presently researching colleges to apply and so far have narrowed down to Pratt ; Parsons;UT-Austin; SAIC; Kansas state ; Arizona state;Iowa state; Univ of Oregon.

1. Are there any other schools that offer better programs ?

2. What sort of Jobs would one be able to get post - graduation ? ( will it be like a FF&E specifier sort Or will it be an Interior designer sort ? )

3. I want to concentrate on design based courses rather than research based design critique / art history sort of courses - Is that the difference between a M. Int. arch & say MFA in Interior design / MS in Interior design?

More questions later......

( thanks in advance to all those busy busy ppl who I hope will take some time out to help me )


Oct 10, 13 12:13 pm

I think the SAIC master in architecture with emphasis in interior architecture is best. They give good scholarships and grants I was interested in this program and received well over  70 % funding with acceptence but I choose to go to another school (mistake)  and the best part is it is a NAAB accretided architecture degree so if you ever choose you can get your architectural license and not limit yourself to just the interior designers registration which from what I see is pretty much useless. You can also apply to the 2 year program since you have a b.arch so you will get interior trained and a architectural degree which will allow you to become registered if you so ever choose, the school is also amazing it is one of the best fine arts schools in the country and they do not have grades and you pretty much get to make your own program up as much as allowed in accredited program. Also they have a strong industrial design program and emerging technologies digital computation program so lots of cool classes dont waste your time at others go to saic

Oct 10, 13 7:15 pm

Thanks for your input,Beepbeep.

But I think SAIC is way over my budget.Its the most expensive school from my list at about 55k a year for non-residents. What you think of the other schools in my list? In terms of school & the programs they have? Do you have any idea about them?Or Can you recommend any other school / program.


Oct 13, 13 6:57 am

Saic will give generous grants and scholarship in my exp. I was offered about 35-40k scholarship and grants , so don't not apply I do not know to much about the other schools Pratt is always good however the cost of living in NYC is high Oregon seems to be a good program as well and  have you checked out risd they have a 3 semester master of interior architecture I believe. 


Oct 13, 13 10:40 am

Just out of curiosity, did you consider looking at any of the rankings? I think Parsons is the only one that even gets a number from your list. 

Oct 15, 13 1:08 am

As a former student (undergrad) at SAIC I might be able to shed some light on the program. They rake in a ton of money with high tuition, so they can offer good scholarships to people who actually deserve them. If you are deserving of a scholarship however, you are probably too talented to find any use in their program. It is young, experimental, and while I wish it the best in the future as it continues to find its footing, it is not worth your time or your money to go there for design. Fine art, photography, performance, etc, SAIC is great, but the AIADO program has a serious Identity crisis that paying students bear the brunt of. Their Interior Arch program is better than their M-Arch program, but nonetheless, I wouldn't recommend either. There is no leadership in the administration and while they have great resources and some good faculty, I think that I would still look elsewhere if I were you.

It might be right for some people, but for someone with as much experience as you, I think its probably not worth it.

Oct 21, 13 5:23 pm

Thanks guys.

So which school do you all recommend ? in Interior architecture that will let help me qualify for the ncidq exam.

I want to do a masters degree that will help me qualify for a certification exam eventually.

Is it even worthwhile applying for a interior architecture degree or I should just ditch the thought & purse M.Arch I ? 

Oct 22, 13 7:09 am
Non Sequitur

M.Arch all the way. More options afterwards and a more in-depth education. Interior Architecture is just a saleman's tactic to make interior design sound more than it is. Why is it, snyde comments aside, that no-one is content that they feel they need to rename/rebrand the same thing in order to "fit-in"?

Either way, an M.Arch is more than sufficient for NCIDQ.

Oct 22, 13 8:08 am

hello everyone, 

                          I just joined this forum. I have completed my B.ARCH from MUMBAI(India) and currently working in a firm since a month. Design aspect interests me a lot, hence im sure i wana study masters in Interior Architecture. I want to pursue this  from the U.S. - a list of colleges which i'am mentioning below, also a set of questions.

colleges: Boston architectural college/Cal poly ponoma/ academy of art/ Rhode island school of design/ School of art ,insti, of Chicago.These are a few of the best available.


1-Do we need to have work experience before applying for masters. Does it count to get admission and also jobs later. Since i have heard that non experience individuals do not get a job/or find it difficult.  2-all these universities promise placements. do these internships turn into jobs if u perform well , or they sack you after a period of time.(the job market is my primary concern as it will be investing time and money in huge quantities.)  3-interior design and interior architecture will give u the same scope of work as a professional? 4- In today's time which is a better degree to enhance your design skills, considering architecture concentrated on the technical s more.


Dec 4, 14 6:30 am

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