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Hello everyone, i wonder what is your opinion which place is better to go doing architecture NYC or SF? I would like some info in terms of design culture, people and generally living conditions,cost, etc. I am a senior architect from Europe. I am about to apply for a fellowship which would allow me to work at a hosting architecture firm for one year. It seems that i could find hosting firms in both cities. The company is more or less the same (big international company), and award would not change a lot neither depending on location. So what is your opinion? Thank you very much in advance for any help!

Oct 5, 13 1:22 pm

Where are you coming from?

Oct 5, 13 3:19 pm


Oct 16, 13 12:21 pm

From my personal viewpoint, I would say that NY is much better to gain exposure into different kinds of projects, different kinds of people, and has a greater critical mass of architects and designers. But then again, SF would probably offer a better quality of life as it is somehow more "livable". Sure there are lots of architects and designers in SF too, but youd probably bump into more software start up folks up there. If the office is the same, then I would examine which place is more livable....(sorry I seem biased towards SF, because I love the city....)

Oct 17, 13 2:26 am

As someone from the Bay Area who has lived in both NYC and SF, gut instinct says NYC. 

Having said that, if you have family or prefer more spread out life, SF might be a better option. Strictly speaking Architecture, NYC will give you more exposure. The Architecture scene out here is lopsided with mostly single family homes and corporate office buildings for silicon valley's high tech. 

Don't get me wrong, I love where I live now (30 minutes south of SF), but the concrete jungle of NYC is usually full of more to see and do than being out in the not-so-wild west Architecturally speaking. 

Oct 17, 13 2:43 am

here isn the Bay Area, rent is astronomical - you have to compete against 20+ other applicants to geta place to rent - ever submit a rental resume? welcome to SF - only well paid programmer types need apply.

Oct 17, 13 4:36 pm

Design culture: SF, more variety, more environmental, more fun.

Climate, cost of living, quality of life: SF. Rent is a problem in both places, you can research this online.

NYC population: 8.3 million, density 27,550/sq mi

Bay Area population: 7.1 million, density 1,023/sq mi

I used to live in NYC and am now located 100 miles away. I often travel to San Francisco and love it.

Oct 17, 13 5:17 pm

Мuch calm'll be in SF from NYC, and more pleasant to live. There is another SF, which is in Bulgaria, Europe and there is a lot more difficult to break through the competition. I worked with a studio AGGA.
We did a very good project, but there architecture and design are not as оurs.

Isn't important where you are, but where you whant to be?!

Oct 18, 13 4:43 pm

NYC bitches.  and I'm from the bay.  More pleasant to live in...arguably so but come on, everyone is running around in neon colored sportswear, their babies in strollers and fake handle bar mustache hipsters. If you smoke or litter in from of them they'll frown at you. NYC has 8 million people that live there. 16 million during the day. that is a shitload of people vs. San Francisco and it is very apparent.

Architecturally speaking, BCJ, Saitowitz, Gensler? and a few others are making great to OK projects architecturally...but the smaller firms are seriously behind the times. Their portfolios are just full of shitty californian strip malls! The "who cares" kind of work, it sucks I would never be able to work on those happily. In a city that is representative of the silicon valley, it surprises me that sketchup and autocad stone age designing remains the industry standard. 

After interning at a few small-midsized firms out here that have only just started up I've had the opportunity to work on a condominium project in tribeca worth $25 million per unit, and a townhouse worth $16 mil. Now personally, I can't even comprehend how much money that REALLY is...but I can tell you that there is a bigass pool of money out here with a lot of work in the recent two years. 

//Architecture or Revolution//

Jun 4, 14 6:42 pm

we're going to space in 2060 with karl chu and prosthetic organs motherfuckers, get on this level.

Jun 4, 14 6:47 pm

You can actually afford to eat in New York City versus San Fran.

Jun 5, 14 10:55 am

My experience in NYC was that the demand for designers is higher then in other parts of the country because the Department of Buildings requires an architect to stamp pretty much everything. 

In terms of availability of work I would say NYC. In terms of quality of life... I'd say anywhere else in the country. 

Jun 5, 14 4:39 pm

nyc... definitely. visited san francisco and loved it, but I don't know enough about the city to say I'd move there... 

Jun 6, 14 11:45 am

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