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I am a first year student studying architecture, one of our first briefs was to go out and sketch a list of structures relating to certain phrases used in architecture. I was just wondering if anyone could help me with a few as I'm not quite sure of their meaning.


these phrases are:

Surface plane


Dynamic space

Static space



all of these phrases must relate to a structure or space that I can go out and sketch.




Oct 3, 13 4:37 pm
Non Sequitur

Now, why would we do your homework for you?

Your problem is that these things are predominantly subjective. These "phrases" do not have set definitions (like a doorknob for example, not much room for elaboration) and it's up to you to hunt for an equivalent to their abstract "meanings" in your environment.

What is axial but a crossing, or a perpendicular, or a parallel, etc relation of one "thing" to another thing, or perhaps it's 8 other things. That's the fun of first year.

Oct 3, 13 4:47 pm

Yes, just make up some bullshit story to accompany your sketches and you'll be fine. Start working on storytelling. You'll fail a few times, but it'll get better and you can get away with almost anything you design.

Oct 3, 13 4:51 pm
boy in a well

>weeps quietly

>returns to 4chan

>starts thread about hot female architects

Oct 3, 13 5:03 pm

I'll bite.

Axial - Think of a structure that acts as an axis for its surroundings, or incorporates an axis. This could be a space too. You could interpret that a boxing ring is axial, because everything that happens in the stadium revolves around the boxing ring. Food for thought. Or a carousel, but that's too obvious.

Node - Think of a structure that is perhaps a rest stop, or a "point" on the urban grid. It could be one of many.

Dynamic space - Think of a space with lots of movement; a large circulatory area, perhaps a mall or a plaza. It doesn't have to be human movement.

Static space - Opposite of above. Space where movement (again, doesn't have to be human movement) is minimal.

Surface plane - Pretty open to whatever, any fancy facade you find.

Oct 3, 13 5:12 pm

The faster you learn this, the better off you will be.

Oct 3, 13 5:32 pm
boy in a well

run, 4aarksey

just run.

run to a dictionary, but run.

there is no help to be found amongst these bitter sods.

Oct 3, 13 5:42 pm


Oct 3, 13 5:46 pm

what are you talking about boy in a well?  we all know this poor kid's professor is full of shit and hiding his cluelessness behind obfuscated words.  if the professor wanted to speak clearly and provide reasonable direction to his students, he would have. 

Oct 3, 13 5:53 pm
boy in a well




ok guys.


back to your regularly scheduled programming.

Oct 3, 13 7:21 pm

Reading those phrases and thinking back to my first year... Oh the memories, we had to question so much... 

Anyway, I digress, it seems to me that all of those things can be found co-existing in a few select structures, perhaps you should think about that, it only took me a minute (or less) to think of a good one that combined all of them. 

Sketch something that combines all of them, tell some b.s. about it being a transcendent place where the astral plains meet and architecture levitates the mind in a sublime tribute to the august infinitude of the universe due to the convergence of the selected elements, and call it an A.

Really just do it like a starchitect: draw what you like and post-rationalize it.

Oct 4, 13 12:35 am

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