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Past 6-8 months me and my boss have been starting to get fascinated and involved in some "new" developments in the world of Crowdsourcing, Disruptive Media, Open-Source, think of: MOOC's, Bitcoins, Wikihouse, Kickstarter, etc. It's interesting to see how "normal" people are regaining certain powers through these new developments that used to belong to governments, developers and banks. There are some example projects in architecture and lots in (product)design that start involving these new developments. I am looking for more example projects, firms, developments and guru's that you guys know of, since we all know about the most famous examples such as 00:/ and ZUS Rotterdam by now. I have a list of subjects that I've already found, but the scope is quite wide, so maybe you guys have some more practical architecture examples? Also, has any of you experience with these new developments within the field of architecture ? How are your experiences with open-source software and projects? 

Bitcoins explained

Oct 1, 13 5:49 pm
Tinbeary There there

I am also fascinated, wish I had more to offer... Our intern quit this week because her (non-architecture) kickstarter project was funded! One person funded it in its entirety.

P.S. "my boss and I" is more-correcter than "me and my boss".

Oct 2, 13 6:53 am

Haha thanks! What kind of project was it?

Oct 3, 13 3:05 am
Tinbeary There there

It is a social media website for kids with a focus on protecting the earth and humanity. The next facebook? Somebody in India funded it all.

Oct 3, 13 8:23 am

Well good for  her. Might be her big break from architecture... I'm sure she realized that architecture is self degrading from her short stint in it.

Oct 3, 13 10:01 am
Tinbeary There there

I don't work in architecture anymore and she was never in architecture. But she is an artist and designer. She made it work and it is pretty impressive. She worked hard to gather the support for her project and it is taking off. She took grant writing classes and got involved with an entrepreneur support group.

Oct 3, 13 10:24 am

Wow that's great, any chance of seeing something of this project? or the kickstarter page perhaps? Incredible these Indiegogo and Kickstarter stories. No more begging for money at big investment firms, straight to the people who need it and/or believe in it.

Oct 3, 13 3:19 pm
Tinbeary There there

I couldn't find it on kickstarter. I'll try to keep in touch with her and post updates here.

Oct 3, 13 6:34 pm

So there you go, an article on Archinect about Bryan Boyer, writer of Brickstarter (a concept for a crowdfunding platform for architecture).

With his latest kickstarter project, which touches the subjects written in the first post:

Oct 3, 13 7:15 pm

Paul and others, looks like I'm 3 and a half years late to this conversation but I'm interested in starting the discussion back up. A lot has changed since 2013. I think 2017 is the year really takes off as a platform for decentralized construction and I'm trying to gauge how that affects the way we think about design in the next ten years. I'd like to hear if anyone has experience in this space and how they got involved. Hope you guys are still around if not I might start up a new thread..

Jan 12, 17 4:09 pm

Speaking of...I enjoyed Paul's guest article featured in Failed Architecture about UNStudio riding the digital wave.

Jan 12, 17 4:14 pm

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