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Hi all,

I am looking for some reading on Tokyo, with specific interest in the period from WWII up through 1964 Olympic Games.  

I'm interested mainly in how politics, economics, social systems, etc. cam to bear upon architecture and the city. And of course vice versa.

Yes, there is Project Japan, but this is already too design-y for me. I'm looking for a more Tafuri-esque, didactic historical and theoretical reading of the city after WWII.

I have found mostly just Metabolist stuff and generic text books. Something in between would suit my fancy. Ideas?

Sep 26, 13 9:49 am

andre sorenson's book is the best if you are interested in the process and the reality,  not so much the theory, or urban growth.

barrie shelton does a more pop version of similar content. easier to digest if you don't mind it being a bit metaphorical and romantic.

also look at these and similar.  google will provide all

urban legacy 1964

a look back to 1964, blah and cetera

Sep 30, 13 9:52 pm
chatter of clouds

"In the process and the reality, not so much the theory, or urban growth." One personal assessment phrase, one only and you manage to be nonsensical.

Oct 1, 13 4:36 pm

right thanks.

"...if you are interested in the process and the reality (not so much the theory) of urban growth."



Oct 1, 13 5:48 pm

Robin Boyd, Kenzo Tange (New York, George Braziller, 1962). From the Masters of Contemporary Architecture series.

Although focused on Tange, there is a concomitant focus on architecture/design in post-WWII Japan and Tokyo.

Oct 1, 13 9:58 pm
chatter of clouds

no, you didn't get it. positing theory par rapport reality in the manner you did, a Phd, is really lax. its like wearing a pair of expensive trousers and shitting in them.

either omit mentioning theory or give an accurate assessment. was "japan" planned on the basis of a theory/theories? were theories derived from japan? if yes to the former, then how can you divide theory/ies from realit/ies in your description of the book? if no, then why even open up a subject that does not exist in the first place? if yes to the latter question, then it clearly was a fallacious association you assume between the actual matter at hand (the the reality) and the one that is altogether besides the point (the post reality...i.e. the theory). if no...we're digressing. 

excuse me but its quite vulgar what you said. you're not allowed to be so casually flaunting shit-laden trousers. either be schizophrenic, so we may excuse you and stare the other way saying "gosh, those crazy ass white people" or wear diapers.

Oct 1, 13 11:10 pm

what i mean is what i said.

Andre Sorenson does not start from nor really deal with urban planning theory in his book and instead explains what happened factually - policy and history and such. It may be a turn off for someone looking for a simple meme to exploit, or some theoretical framework that can be used to make sense of things. Hence the warning. I think its worth knowing this before picking it up. Some heavy lifting is required.

but anyway, this is about helping someone find some books.  Feel free to parse the way the title was delivered, knock yourself out. Not sure it matters a hell of a lot that you don't like it.

Oct 2, 13 11:19 am

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