Most affordable residential metal windows for a modern design


Hello all-


I am moonlighting and designing a modern home in salt lake city utah and was wondering what is the most affordable residential metal windows for a modern design?  My budget is somewhat limited so I want to try and find something that is affordable yet still provides a thermal break.


Thanks in advance!

Sep 25, 13 1:55 pm
What kind of metal? Steel or aluminum? Storefront or residential windows?
Sep 25, 13 5:21 pm

I don't really have a preference to whether they are steel or aluminum. Of course aluminum would be great due to the low maintenance if I got an anodized finish, but if steel is a lot cheaper than I would probably go with steel.  

As for storefront or residential, I am open to whatever.....I have just heard horror stories of quality control with stick built storefront systems in a residential setting.

Sep 25, 13 6:01 pm

Aluminum, thermally broken, nail-on. Steel will be very expensive and probably won't meet energy code. A commercial aluminum storefront will also be expensive.

Try something like this:

Sep 25, 13 6:20 pm
Steel is mad expensive and no thermal break.

If you want mod and cheap then it is storefront. Install quality is on the contractor.
Sep 25, 13 7:12 pm

Thanks gwharton and gruen.....

I am thinking that we might try and use storefront the one concern is the warranty, any ideas on any commercial storefront companies that will warranty a residential project?

Sep 26, 13 3:21 pm
Call the rep.
Sep 26, 13 5:17 pm

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