Portfolio for university help! (pics included)


Trying to transfer and I noticed that some schools require portfolios while others say it is optional for 2nd or 3rd year placement (Cal Poly Pomona, my top choice). My question is

A) Is it possible for your portfolio to actually hurt your chances of getting into even just the first year program? In other words, am I better off not sending my portfolio at all?

B) Can you guys decide if some of my school work below are portfolio-worthy? (All separate assignments except the model)

Sep 23, 13 12:34 am

any feedback will be appreciated! thanks!!

Sep 24, 13 2:44 am

My two cents:

If a school is asking for a portfolio, send one in. Not sending something as important as that should immediately disqualify you from admission.

I am assuming you are applying to transfer into an undergrad program. They should understand that you have not necessarily had top-notch design training and/or opportunities to create portfolio-worthy work, and that is OK. Do your best; the portfolio may consist of non-architecture design, so any drawings, sculpture or even paintings you have, consider them all.

As for the work you have shown, if that is what you have, throw it in. I would probably refrain from showing construction drawings in your portfolio, as they are not the best examples of design ability. Just make sure you show your work in a presentable manner: Photoshop out the sloppy backgrounds/redmarks, take good photographs with proper lighting and backdrop, play with contrast, etc.

Good luck!

Sep 24, 13 10:22 am

SEARCH ISSUE or something for some portfolios and do a little work on your own like a simple design exercise and build some nice study models. look at the link below from MIT open Course which list the courses for alot of the architecture courses I linked the first studio work and assignment, try this out on your own do some reading and compare your work to the examples, look through a bunch of them and use the work to make a better portfolio or you can take foundation art courses such as drawing, 2d and 3d design and color theory.

Sep 24, 13 10:57 am

Thanks Gary and beep!

Sep 24, 13 6:24 pm

So showing creativity should be my main goal in making a portfolio for transferring for undergrad?

Sep 24, 13 7:32 pm

You went to cerritos college! i remember those assignments rother gave :) 

Mar 12, 14 4:00 am

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