Scale figures for physical models?

deals on wheels


Does anyone have any online resources for buying scale figures for models? Thinking between 1"=8' and 1"=32'. I tried but most of the figures are pretty detailed; I'm just looking for black silhouettes (metal or plastic). Thanks!

Sep 20, 13 11:20 am

Depending on what the service costs in your area, have you considered laser cutting?

That's what I did (acrylic/plexi in my case) when I wanted simple silhouettes rather than the standard Preiser figures with their goofy 80s hairstyles.

Sep 20, 13 12:22 pm
deals on wheels

that's a pretty good idea. Laser cutting is free at our university, so maybe ill give that a shot. Did you use them as they came out or paint them?

Sep 21, 13 11:13 am

Anyone else see the irony of creating scale figures for a physical model with CAD and a laser cutter?

Sep 21, 13 1:46 pm



My icon picture is a laser cut thin chipboard scale figure painted grey.  All Silhouettes has a great selection... I prefer the common people set. 

Sep 22, 13 12:57 pm

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