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i am a final yr architecture student. i submitted my thesis on design of a fashion institute. the staff were not too happy as it has been dealt before.
how do i increase the scope of my project of modify it.
i want a topic where fashion is a part of a larger institute.
I am very keen on doing something of this sort because i want to do my special study on color, materials and lighting..

so i want some suggestions and help regarding this

Nov 2, 08 12:06 am

figure out what you think fashion is, then apply that to a building dedicated to the creation of that "ideaology"

Nov 2, 08 12:07 am
Workshop B

develop a thesis about what you want to study devoid of what you want to design. A fashion institute isn't a thesis. You need a statement that you can test with the design of a project.

Nov 2, 08 1:50 am

to state archca26's point another way, I think a trap people fall into is that the ideal program or site that they think is "full" of whatever it is they want to design--a fashion institute for a thesis about fashion--is actually not the best choice.

you have to recognize though how hard it is for someone to tell you "ah, you should be interested in this or that"--your thesis should reflect something of personal interest, not just a forum to play around with color, materials, and lighting--why not choose one of those three qualities of space and ask yourself why you find it interesting. And maybe you end up designing a hospital or a school, which at first may not seem relevant but gives you the opportunity to pursue your ideas in depth, and in an original way.

Nov 2, 08 3:28 am

color, materials and lighting are important aspects of all architecture, not necessary fashion institutes. It's a bit blunt in a way to say I'm interested in fashion so let's design a fashion institute. You can apply aspects of fashion to all sorts of aspects of architecture, to name a few: skin, surface, silhouettes, comfort vs haute couture, etc.

Nov 2, 08 5:15 am
chatter of clouds

happyfeet: the staff were not too happy as it has been dealt before.

i doubt this is the extent of the reason.

happy feet adds: want a topic where fashion is a part of a larger institute.

that last tells me there are more specific comments they provided you with.
you're being quite lazy in either informing us or sussing out exactly why it was rejected.

Nov 2, 08 5:20 am
gold spot

Leave aside Fashion Institute. Organize your thoughts about thesis and what do you want out of it. Set the goal. Then rework the topic. You should feel the difference in the approach. In any case it is never about the building type alone, but what is your contribution to it.

Another thing if you are not used to thinking like that, it will be hard to overcome the inertia.

Nov 2, 08 5:53 am

have you considered "The Derek Zoolander Center For Kids Who Can't Read Good And Who Wanna Learn To Do Other Stuff Good Too"

Nov 2, 08 8:03 am

asking strangers to suggest proposals for a thesis project. doesnt that seem a bit counterintuitive? kid you made it through at least 3 years of architecture. you gotta know how to hustle and sell a project... if you couldnt convince your teachers to let you do a fashion institute, its probably because you couldnt sell your ideas to them. they could care less what the program of your project is, as long as the methodology and the proposal for research is on point. rethink and resubmit. you're interested in color and light. welcome to architecture. specifics sell projects.

Nov 2, 08 4:14 pm
vado retro

rather than just ask for some help regarding thesis ideas. why not sponsor a call for entries for your thesis. in fact the thesis could be about competitions.
step one: call for entries about a thesis regarding the idea of architectural competitions.
step two: organize a board of your peers, professors and people from the community to review the entries.
step three: present the ideas to your thesis committee and award prizes to the top three finalists.
step four: issue another call for entries for designers to design the project. they will use the first phase of your thesis for their program.
step five: document process with pictures,videos, and if necessary words.
step six: turn it in and receive kudos.

there you go. no charge.

Nov 4, 08 5:36 pm

Specific thoughts deal with issues that you are trying to address i.e. constructing your Argument into something that you see as a problem, and the solution is embedded in you design. The quicker you get your argument together, the better the design and solution is going to be. The design of a Fashion institute is to narrow focus, if i was told that you thesis is going to be a Fashion institute there is no argument there. Start a broad subject and narrow the Statement to Specifics. If light is a subject look at Ando's work, Ronchamp and other's.

Nov 4, 08 5:40 pm

Make you building a loom

Nov 7, 08 11:44 am
wrecking ball

a program does not a thesis make.

Nov 7, 08 1:24 pm
vado retro

unless its a thesis about programs.

Nov 7, 08 4:00 pm

Am working on thesis about opera house.. How to do special study? I don't have an idea.. How special study works for my topics...suggestions please.. Thanks 

Feb 22, 19 6:36 am
Non Sequitur

Have you considered making an effort prior to crowdsourcing your homework? Lazy student is lazy.

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