a question :)

hello everyone .  i hope you all are doing well :) 


so . i'm freshmen in architecture student . i'm taking architecture drafting ( hand drawing ) 

i'm really not a good drawer i don't have really good hand . do you have any advices for me ? i really want to have a great hand and really i want my plans look great drawing . do you think if i practice a lot . i may be an excellent :) ? thank you 

Sep 18, 13 9:04 am
Yes practice. Go to the library and read books about drawing technique. Read Ching books. Try different lead weights. Get good paper, vellum and tools. Keep it clean. Rotate the lead holder while you make a line. Don't smudge the lines. Place the lines exactly where they should be. Take your time. Make the lines straight and even. Practice different line weights. Start with 4H lead for layout and then HB or B to make the final lines. Use 2B sparingly but for dark lines. Use proper line weights for your lines (read up on where they should go).
Sep 18, 13 9:10 am

doodle in other classes.  just draw a bunch of straight lines really close to each other, kind of like hatching, over and over and over again.

Sep 18, 13 9:26 am

How is it, architecture school that is razan? I'm a architectural draftsman and trying to start my architecture education in spring 2014, so i kind of have real world experience but no real architecture education. Is architectural design courses hard, are they easy, do you get to design anything you want?

Sep 23, 13 4:20 pm

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