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This project encompasses the framework for Tyrone Avenue, which aims to retain and enhance the character and heritage of Parkview by guiding future developments and densification over time in a suitable and sustainable manner. It aims for an increased quality of open space including addressing unfavourable public/ private relationships by increasing the performance of the street edge.

The Parkview Community Vision recognizes that our communal spaces - streets, parks and high street - are an integral part of our community and require constant attention. As part of the public open space initiative, is to work with Tyrone Avenue property owners and business people to develop a vision for the future of the node and a plan to turn that into reality.

As a first step the plan will address the parking and traffic flows in Tyrone Avenue, improve the sidewalk pavements, install additional streetlights and add some urban furniture.

Integrating street traders into the formal workings of the street is seen as a second stage of the vision. Current occupation of pavements by traders is to be stopped and make way for formal trader stalls and shops along the western edge of Tyrone Avenue. These small shops will be rented to vendors of start up businesses and traders. Apart from integrating smaller shopkeepers into the street, it activates a currently problematic and dead street edge.

A third and more ambitious project is the conversion of the parking zone in front of the library into what is referred to as the Parkview Square. This will be achieved by creating an uninterrupted flow of space between the library and Tyrone Avenue. The newly established square will still accommodate the parking, but will double as market venue over weekends or place for community celebrations and festivals.

Sep 18, 13 10:59 am

Is there any animation, walkthrough or rendering done for these projects?

Sep 26, 13 7:11 am

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