Cal Poly Pamona - M.Arch/MLA Tips


Any alumni or current students of these programs out there?  Any tips for a prospective student? Overview of program? Strengths/Weaknesses, etc?

I plan to apply for the upcoming Fall 2014 term, most likely the 3 year MLA (I'm have urban planning background).  Will likely be my preferred school (in state, not far from home).

Any advice appreciated.

Sep 17, 13 6:07 pm

I hope you get some answers cus I would love to know too. 

Sep 17, 13 11:19 pm

Indeed.  Are you gearing up for admissions as well?

Sep 18, 13 11:15 am

I still have a year. I'm looking at cal poly woodbury or ucla 

Sep 18, 13 11:34 am

Cal Poly's Master's programs are usually small and you have a lot of close contact with the professors. They're not cutting edge for architecture but might be more progressive for LA. There are improvements being made with the new dean Sarah Lorenzen so that's something to look forward to.

That being said it's not the most directed course work. While I was there for undergraduate architecture there was no focus so to speak. There was a lot of showmanship but little real education except in electives. It's definitely the best bang for your buck. If you're near Orange County then you have an easy time getting a job around Irvine.

Sep 21, 13 2:06 am

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