M.Arch for an International Student - Financial assistance

My name is Sagar Chitrakar, and I’m a graduate of Architecture from Institute of Engineering at Tribhuwan University in Kathmandu, Nepal and I was accepted into the Columbia, Washington-St.Louis and Michigan Taubman for Masters in Architecture program in the Fall of 2013.

Columbia says that the program does not offer a need-based financial scholarships to international students and is only limited to US Citizens and Permanent Residents and I was not offered any financial assistance and so was the case for Michigan. But on the other hand University of Washington provided a generous amount of scholarship, 50% of the tuition fee (USD$22,000). As amazing as it sounds, I had to pay rest of the money and then add up bills for logistics which went around USD 100,000. ( 22,000 x 3 years = 66,000 + logistics)

Never having applied to any US education institution before, I was not aware about my next steps as an accepted student without any financial aid provided to me and here I am with the same question. 

Please do give me an insight on what my next step should be. 

Sep 17, 13 11:30 am

yikes! $USD 100,000 is a heck lot of money in Nepal.. Gotta ask yourself if its worth it in the end if you just plan on having a career in Nepal.

Sep 17, 13 2:44 pm

USD 100,000 is a heck lot of money not just for Nepalese. 

Sep 17, 13 9:36 pm

hey accesskb what about other institutes like upenn , gtech ,utaustin.  are international students eligible for need based scholarship?

also wanted to know how is WashingtonU st it more of a artsy  school or a para metrics driven school?

Sep 18, 13 12:07 am

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