Help with Mario Botta's Single Family Home in Riva San Vitale


I'm in my 1st year of M.Arch at UT-Austin and my construction group has to do a project on Botta's Riva San Vitale. Unfortunately, we aren't able to find any construction documents. We've been in touch with his office and got a bibliography of where the building had been published but still no luck. Has anybody done a past project on this? Any help would be great; we're kind of at a crossroads.

Oct 20, 08 9:43 pm

There's a really good Italian book that I bought on Ebay that has all of the plans, elevations and sections. It's in my office at school. I'll look tomorrow. I think it was published in 1982.

Oct 20, 08 10:11 pm

construction docs? i imagine those are heard to come by, are you looking for published plans and sections?

i remember this being in the botta: arch 1980-1990 book, as well as a GA houses.

Oct 20, 08 10:41 pm

hard. wtf?

Oct 20, 08 10:42 pm

and i've got the 2G catalogue, there was a botta 2G...

and for a quick fix...

storiesofhouses blog

as well as this

not too shabby for a low budget project...

Oct 20, 08 10:48 pm

I did a case study on this house back in 2nd year, I don't recall plans being too hard to find... i used them and photos to build a 3d model from which i cut sections and elevations.

Oct 20, 08 11:00 pm
Carl Douglas (agfa8x)

email me, I have plans and sections.

Oct 21, 08 1:19 am

i really need plans and cuts with quotation please...

gotta love archinect

Oct 21, 08 1:40 am

bought an old GA Houses and there it is 

Nov 18, 18 2:45 pm

Nov 19, 18 12:50 pm

Just in time for the 11th year M.Arch midterm reviews.


I bought the magazine saturday, and it's the first issue, it's worth something!

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