sent from my iPhone


dear contacts,

okay, i have an iphone, alright? big deal. right?

really, i don't care what kind of phone you have, and i sure don't expect you to care what kind of phone i have.

that being said, can you please change the damn sig file on your phone so that every time i get an email from you i don't have to read that you were sending this to me from your iPhone?

can we agree to replace the default Apple Advertisement disguised as a Classist Statement of Financial Superiority with a normal sig file? like, your name, your phone number, etc?



Oct 15, 08 4:23 pm

welcome to corporate marketing

Oct 15, 08 4:28 pm
MArch n' unemployed

personally i like, "sent from my blackberry, invented by john mcCain"

Oct 15, 08 4:53 pm

I leave this feature on so that people know that I'm not at work when I respond.

Oct 15, 08 5:22 pm

Yeah, i actually like when it says sent from my iPhone or Blackberry in an email. That way i understand the person isn't in the office and isn't at a computer. Then when i get a quick response i understand why. I guess you could make it more generic like just say phone if you find it overly pretentious.

Oct 15, 08 5:33 pm
Sarah Hamilton

I can always tell when emails are sent via phone because the text is very basic, and the signature on the initial email that is being responded to doesnt come through propery. Phones cant handle fonts I guess.

Oct 15, 08 5:52 pm

sure sure, i guess i care where you're emailing from sure, not really, but why can't the sig file say something to that effect?

Dewey, Cheatem and Howe
Cell: 310-555-1212

that's enough, by comparison to my normal sig to tell people who might actually care that i'm not at my desk, not that that should matter.

point is, i don't need to be spammed with iPhone adverts any more than i already am. and i'm an iphone fan boi!

i get the convenience factor, but it does not engender confidence that someone cannot manipulate the settings on their phone so that they're not inadvertently spamming me and everyone else.

Oct 15, 08 6:05 pm

i really have better things to worry about, but i've gotten like ten of these today, hence my comments.

Oct 15, 08 6:05 pm
vado retro

sent from my princess phone...

Oct 15, 08 6:11 pm

i phone home

Oct 15, 08 6:12 pm

this post was brought to you by:
iMac 24" intel core duo

Oct 15, 08 6:17 pm

There is better cell phone coming your way. Its called the Innovator by Hp. Everything else will be obsolete.

Social Bookmarking Service

Oct 15, 08 6:24 pm

thanks for the spam dipshit. this whole thread started because i was annoyed at the iphone spam.

Oct 15, 08 6:25 pm

I'm writing this post on my iphone.

I think it's key to let people know that you're responding with a mobile device, though just having a slightly different signature (with only a mobile number) may be too subtle for most recipients; make it obvious.


This way you'll mitigate any potential phone envy

Oct 15, 08 7:01 pm
liberty bell

I have iphone envy.

I also have gold bikini envy.

Oct 15, 08 8:40 pm

i propose: sent while in bathroom

Oct 15, 08 8:48 pm

I have iphone envy and I wanted to buy one - I just couldn't find one cause they havent made enough of them...keep the fools in demand. This message was sent via the Internet invented by Al Gore pre-eco conscious guru

Oct 15, 08 9:15 pm

i have envy.

Oct 16, 08 12:35 am

when i'm out of the office - tough shit. if somebody calls or e-mails they just have to wait til i get back to my desk. wouldn't have it any other way. i once gave a contractor my cell number - big mistake. started getting 7am calls left and right.

Oct 16, 08 8:24 am

Wow, I just bought an iphone 2 weeks ago and I didn't even realize it did that as a default!! I feel like an ass now!

Oct 16, 08 8:31 am

I prefer the signature I use on my iphone:

"Sent from my cellular telephone"

You all realize you can change the signature, right? Might be different for different email clients, but for gmail you can change it.

Oct 16, 08 2:31 pm
liberty bell

Just got an email with the tag line "sorry for typos, sent from my mobile" which I think is a decent signoff.

Nov 7, 08 3:56 pm

yes! LB that's a genius one!

i received one yesterday saying: sent from my enohPi.

Nov 7, 08 4:35 pm

news is out today that the iphone is now the top selling cell phone in the US. this is just jaw-droppingly unbelievable to me! I don't understand how people justify the expense. it's not the upfront price of the phone that's so shocking - it's the $99 minimum monthly service plan - $2376 over the life of the plan - plus tax. I just don't get how so many people don't even bat an eyelash at paying double the price of a typical voice plan just to be able to surf the web on a 3" screen.

Nov 11, 08 1:15 pm

for the record, 4arch, your numbers are wildly off!

i have a pre-3g phone and i pay...drum roll please...$20 per month for my UNLIMITED data plan. tack on an add'l $5 for 200 text messages a month, and voila. $25. i think the 3g version is $30 + $5 because of the higher bandwidth.

now, however many minutes you buy is up to you and yours, but the actual premium i pay to use the iphone, as compared a normla, non-data equipped phone (do they even make those anymore?!?) is just $25.

over the life of the contract, that's $500 more.

and that's pretty much the same as blackberry, as nokia, as palm treo, or any other full-featured smartphone.

and btw...

Sent from my iPhone.

Nov 11, 08 3:01 pm

sorry - $600 more over the life of the contract.

Nov 11, 08 3:02 pm
wrecking ball

not to mention that i use mine heavily for gps as well. except i probably shouldn't while driving...

Nov 11, 08 3:30 pm
liberty bell

Etiquette question:

I don't email from anything but my laptop, and I tend to be wordy in emails. If I get an email with the "sent from my mobile" tagline, should I keep my response brief so the recipient doesn't have to do a lot of scrolling/spend a lot of airtime on my message?

Feb 5, 09 1:36 pm


--sent from my laptop

Feb 6, 09 12:55 am

I just got my first "sent from my iPad" tagline on an email today.

Hi mightylittle!

Jun 15, 10 9:52 am

I personally prefer:

-sent from a computer plugged directly into the wall

Jun 15, 10 3:32 pm

there's some dude on some mailing list for some band that i like and his siggy says:

-sent from my Commodore 64

Jun 15, 10 4:08 pm

Well from the AT&T website, the minimum monthly voice plan is $69.99, and the minimum data plan is $15/mo. The cheapest iPhone is $99.99. And I don't even know if those prices come with enough mb/minutes to be useful, or if average people will easily go over the limits.

Anyway, over 2 years it comes up to $2139.75, including the cost of the phone.

I have a prepaid phone from T-Mobile and almost never put more than $25 a month on it, sometimes just $10/mo. I think the phone cost me like $80, and I pay maybe $600 in 2 years to use it, saving myself, what, $1400 bucks a year? That's like 10% of my last years income!

For a comparison, the car I'm driving now I paid $2900 for.

Oh, I've also never been able to justify spending $150 for an iPod.

And of course, I just graduated with a 4-yr arch degree.

Jun 15, 10 8:48 pm

music is so important! how could you not have an mp3 player??? D:

Jun 15, 10 9:09 pm

whenever I see this sig I feel a bit offended. My email wasn't important enough for you to respond from your desk?

Jun 15, 10 9:20 pm

Meh, I've just never been able to afford to get an mp3 player. Well, I suppose I could get a cheap one, but if I'm gonna spend the money I would want to get a decent one.

I've never had a car with a CD player in it.

Are there cars out there with like built-in wifi email and stuff?

Does their sig say, "This was emailed from my Lexus, bitches!" or something.

I see like the smart phones, mp3 players, and wide screen flat panel tvs kinda like car phones from the late '80s, people just buy them because their status symbols, not because "zomg I need to check the weather online from the park! Every day!"

How retarded would you think someone was today if they had a phone attached to their car by a cord?

Exactly as retarded as people who spend thousands of dollars so they can post to Archinect from their backyard will look 10 years from now.

Jun 15, 10 10:35 pm
Cherith Cutestory

All this iPhone, Droid, Verizon vs. AT&T vs. Sprint, OMG it's 4G business kinda makes me hark for a simpler time, when cell phone batteries lasted maybe 30 minutes and were larger than most land line phones.

Sep 23, 10 11:56 pm


the iphone battery lasts about 30 minutes

Sep 24, 10 2:40 am

I have my business signature, no silly 'sent from iphone' (and now I am getting emails from "sent from my ipad")

No reason anyone needs to know if I am working or on the golf course or at a bar ;-)

Sep 24, 10 9:21 am

i agree.

about an hour ago via archinect for iPhone · Comment ·Like

Sep 24, 10 11:27 am
olaf design ninja

I have a caseete player in my car, I listen to the whole album.

Iphone and all apple products says you are mind contolled by steve jobs and prefer communism

Blackberry and androic you like freedom of choice on how to use an electronic gadget and prefer capitalism.

From my blackberry

Sep 24, 10 8:15 pm

i think it's time to hand write an email, scan it, email it, and send a hard copy...

Sep 25, 10 1:43 am

Sent from my Tricorder.

Jan 30, 13 3:02 pm

Hi mightylittle!

-Sent from my desktop Hp running windows because I'm now employed by a large institution.

Jan 30, 13 3:24 pm
Sent from my DonnaSinkZoink.
Jan 30, 13 10:40 pm

Hi Donna!

Jan 31, 13 9:50 am

发自我的 iPhone

Jan 31, 13 1:04 pm

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