Microstation versus AutoCAD


which is better the use of microstation or autocad ? and can it be used as a research topic..if so any suggestions ?

thank you i really need a help

Sep 6, 13 11:21 am

lol, is anyone still using micro station in architecture? better yet is anyone still using micro station?

Sep 7, 13 12:34 am

what's wrong with microstation?

Sep 7, 13 3:14 am

I've talked to at least three firms that use microsation. It's not that uncommon.

Sep 7, 13 3:17 am

I have found MS to be aggravating mostly due to its cumbersome and labyrinthine methods of changing settings. Variables that point to text files (without telling you where they live) which point to other variables. Without the proper in-house tech support, it's a mess.


I have also found its lack of precision appalling. Even with "accudraw" it's far too easy for the user to end up drawing lines that end "near-ish" to each other than actually on the same coordinate point. Granted there's little reason in the building trades to be 100% precise and every software has to draw the line somewhere (pun intended) but I find it annoying to be able to zoom in far enough to have the end points of two lines that seem to connect at the building level on separate sides of the screen.


That being said, ACAD has become bloated to the point of aggravation. It used to be a snappy program (again, pun intended) but recent versions get bogged down in worthless graphical bells and whistles.

Dec 3, 13 2:37 pm
It's best to know both; it makes you more employable.
Dec 3, 13 3:52 pm

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