reasonable mechoshade knock-off?


Hi everyone. I'm working on a small pro-bono project and we're looking to find some kind of mecho-shade knock-off system, or a cheaper version of them, basically.

We need the multiple screening options (maybe 2 at a minimum -- 100% opaque, and 50% opaque or so) and mechanization, but don't need automatic controls, or light-sensors, or anything more than that.

Any hints for where to look?


Oct 9, 08 11:01 am

i don't know about pricing, but Draper, Rollease and hunter douglas... is a decent place to find products.

Oct 9, 08 12:32 pm

Have you used any of those before? Any experience regarding reliability, maintenance, etc?

Oct 9, 08 1:02 pm

Hunter Douglas is alright.. I work on a lot of education buildings.. higher ed and lower ed.. and we always have to spec. at least a couple different companies. We typically use Mecho as the basis of design and it seems 9 times out of 10 they get the job. I am not sure there is too much of a price difference between them.. they all sort of have the same products.

Oct 9, 08 4:18 pm

they used a mecho-shade-esque system at one of my old offices and let's just say--it wasn't pretty. many issues with quality and install--if at all possible-i would try to negotiate with mecho to find a product that can fit into your budget...weighing the cost of replacing the less expensive wannabe in a few years vs. getting bang for your buck, that is my humble opinion...

Oct 13, 08 6:12 pm

try this place;

Oct 13, 08 6:34 pm

Thanks for the Shade Store recommendation. Just what I was looking for! 

Nov 16, 17 3:16 pm

We have used Insolroll a few times when MechoShade was not in the budget.  It was satisfactory.

Nov 16, 17 4:32 pm
Whoa just poked my head into this old resuscitated thread and found it was my own. From 9 years ago! And that was even after the years I spent here under my original username. Damn.

Anyway I STILL need these rec'ys do thanks for the heads up on Insolrol!
Nov 16, 17 9:08 pm

damn son. 9 years and you still ain’t got your shit together. One too many header in youth soccer?

Nov 16, 17 9:11 pm
Ha nope but as it happens back in the day we had found a good knockoff shade company out in San Diego area and now they've gone out of biz. The question keeps coming up on project after project... everyone wants their cheap shades!
Nov 16, 17 10:07 pm

what’s wrong with Home Depot?

Nov 16, 17 10:13 pm

Draper is a great alternative. It looks very similar and is more competitive.

Feb 21, 18 8:10 am

J Geiger makes a very clean looking shade system. The motor is inside of the shade tube--not sure if this is unique or not. 

Feb 21, 18 2:04 pm

I am a BIG fan of Insolroll.  But like any product - install must be done correctly.  I work in the hospitality side and they have some great solutions for some very interesting problems.  Again, the install is the most important part - and Insolroll has a better product for on-site adjustability.

Oct 8, 18 8:14 am

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