a question :)

hello everyone . i hope you all having fun in the architecture world :D :) . 

i've started a new seamster and i'm taking history of world architecture . my teacher told us that you do many researches and history is hard etc . so i got scared . does anyone who took this subject , can tell me what should i prepare in history subjects and any tips for reserching  :) . thank you 

Sep 4, 13 6:49 pm

Oh no, not at all. When first starting out its so much information and I found it to be very fun and exciting. It is not "hard", but it is a lot of information to process and remember for examinations etc. Just go with the flow and you will be okay!

Sep 4, 13 10:15 pm

You should be glad that you have a hard history class ... many instructors make it too easy, and that way you will learn more. I had one particularly rigorous and difficult graduate history class which I found fun and enjoyable.

Sep 4, 13 10:17 pm

There's a lot of material, but if you have a visual memory and can remember dates, you'll be fine.  It's not as hard as, say, biology.  My history sequence in grad school was involved, but did I ever appreciate that.  If you really like architecture, then you should like architectural history, too.

Sep 4, 13 10:59 pm
Your teacher was trying to warn off the lazy and stupid students.
Sep 5, 13 8:12 am

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