I just completed my architecture course in Bangalore and I'm planning to do a masters course in Architectural restoration/conservation in Italy. I need help finding a suitable university that offers this course. Please help!

Aug 29, 13 1:35 pm

There are Italians on here every now and then.  I'm talking REAL Italians, who were schooled over there.  My gut reaction would be to look up the schools that are in historically significant places first, meaning Roma-LaSapienza, Firenze, and Venezia.  I have no clue how they structure bachelors, masters, and other degrees in Italy.  What I do know is that every single God damn person who holds a piece of paper from a university is eligible to call themselves a Dottore (Dott.).  They can be quite pretentious when it comes to this stuff compared to Americans.  I explained to them (people I know) that very few people are entitled to be called a doctor in America, and even people who put MBA or JD after their names on their holiday cards are viewed as being somewhat vulgar and excessive.

Aug 29, 13 3:39 pm

Talking about REAL italians, here you get one.

I was schooled at the Politecnico in Milan, and (even if I never use that term to define me) I confirm that according to the Italian laws concerning education, I actually am a Dott. Arch. It's not on my business cards or on my mail signature, but still... that's what the law prescribes when it comes to academic titles. Everyone who has a degree from an italian university, is to be called Dottore. In order to achieve the title of Architect, you are supposed to go through a further examination, consisting in three different levels. Once you pass it, you can be registered as Architect. This is it.

Now, let's stick to the main topic. If you want to study restoration/preservation of the built environment, then Italy is the right place. You will find a lot of courses, and their quality does not depend on the "historical site". But still, yes, we have the privilege to host on our territory more than 2000yrs of cultural history, and that means that you will have the chance to experience what you learn directly, both theory and practice.

Now, your choice depends on which aspects of restoration you would like to deepen. If you let me know, I'll be glad to help!

Aug 30, 13 5:17 am

Hi everyone;

I  completed my B.Arch(5 Years) course in early 2013 in Hyderabad(INDIA) and i have 1 year experience in architectural heritage conservation firm. I'm planning to do a M.Arch course in Architectural restoration/conservation in Italy. I need help finding a suitable university that offers this course. Please help! 

Thank you.

May 8, 14 2:23 am

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