furniture in Rhino


I am wondering where people get the furniture (sofa, table...) for Rhino? I need some furniture models for the interior rendering in rhino.

Are there any websites that I can get them for free?


Sep 24, 08 10:18 pm

You can import furniture as dwgs in Rhino. Just go to and you can find a ton of furniture models. I guess it depends on what you're looking for as well. You can find some Herman Miller furniture online as well, but the files are 3ds. You can just import those as well.

For more 3ds models, check

Sep 24, 08 10:41 pm

here are some NURBS furniture

i wish 3drhinomodels site was still around, that was a great source
w/o Robert Schutz, no longer

Sep 25, 08 11:35 am

Rhino can import a wide variety of file types. I've had good luck with .lwo, obj, .3ds--you can check out turbosquid

I've used models from Evermotion with great success as well

Sep 25, 08 1:16 pm

Thanks guys! Answers help me alot!

Sep 26, 08 9:10 am

if you were to make your own, or convert from a mesh to a smoother NURBS surface i think T-Splines is what you want

here is the 3d furniture models from

Sep 26, 08 12:30 pm

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