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hello everyone,

I'm an architecture student. I was thinking about a topic for my final year thesis. That day I was reading about Leonardo Da Vinci and i came across this line of his which interested me-

"Non mi legga chi non e matematico."

(Let no one read me who is not a mathematician.)

According to me something similar happens in the field of architecture, where the architect designs and builds based on his ideas which are usually not conveyed to the society. It's like coded architecture. You have to have a certain level of knowledge about this field to understand the thought process of the architect. The same building can be viewed by the common man as generic architecture and on the other hand an architect would study and decode through its layers and try to find out the main idea. Even when Le Corbusier (a priest) writes about his works, he denies accessibility to the common man. When Peter Zumthor builds his ideas ( a monk), it requires some analysis to understand his ideas.

is architecture a secretive community? A community which draws a circle around a certain group of people having similar interests and separates itself from the others?

Please elaborate on generic architecture and coded architecture. 

Aug 25, 13 12:28 am

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