AIA fees

As an associate with a year of experience as a non licensed architect

Should I pay the expensive dues to join AIA?
Aug 23, 13 11:37 am

Only if you are able and willing to then be a VERY ACTIVE member: serving on committees, attending every function, etc.  If you're willing to put int he time and effort to *make* it a networking opportunity then it can be a very good one.

Aug 23, 13 11:57 am

Something is only "expensive" if you don't find it to be a good value. But, Donna is right ... to get good value from a membership in AIA one must become active and not just remain a mailbox member.

There is no doubt that AIA can be a challenge at times. However, having said that, I can share that I was VERY active in AIA for more than 25 years. I was fortunate in being able to progress through most volunteer leadership positions in AIA, from local to state to national. It took a lot of time, but it also was a tremendously enriching experience. I met - and got to know - a lot of people I otherwise would never have met; I was exposed deeply to aspects of our profession that I otherwise would never have encountered. My volunteer leadership positions gave me valuable leadership development experience and helped me to develop public speaking and presentation skills that served me well in my professional career.

For me, it was an extremely worthwhile and broadening experience. You should give it a try.

Aug 23, 13 1:48 pm
Thanks for your input donna
Aug 24, 13 2:50 am

As an unlicensed architect, the dues are considerably cheaper, as you can only be an Associate member of the AIA. For the Chicago chapter, as an example, its $664 for an architect, and $240 for an intern. 

But like everyone stated above, it's only worth it if you take advantage of it. If you are looking to pad your resume, or have additional letters on your business card, then no, its not worth it.

Aug 25, 13 1:58 pm

Good advice from Donna. IMO Not worth it.

Aug 26, 13 1:23 pm

Has anyone looked to see what yearly membership dues are for:



How about average salaries for doctors and lawyers.

Now tell me why in the world would anyone would pay $600+ for an annual AIA membership? What could possibly justify that amount of money? Simply ridiculous. 

Nov 7, 19 4:25 pm

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