What can I build here?


Hi, I am looking into buying a two family house that is located in an R5 zone. The house is in bad condition and I will likely have to knock it down and build a new property. The size of the house is 21x32 and the size of the lot is 25x95. What can I build on this lot given its size and the zone it is in?

Aug 22, 13 2:01 pm

That question cannot be answered without anyone knowing what city you're in.

Aug 22, 13 3:05 pm

a) r-5 is defined by your local municipality.

b) you might be better off hiring a local architect to work out some real feasibility studies.

Aug 22, 13 3:09 pm

It's in Long Island city, ny.

Aug 22, 13 3:14 pm

Hire an architect and he will gladly help you out and give you all the information you need.

Aug 22, 13 4:24 pm

Consulting starts at $250 / hr. plus expenses and 1/2 time for travel. 

Aug 23, 13 2:42 am
I am a NY architect. I can answer this question.
Aug 23, 13 8:10 am

Consulting starts at $230 / hr. plus expenses and 1/3 time for travel. =) + I am a NY architectural designer. I can answer this question and more. Questions about the meanings of life and spirituality cost more.

Aug 25, 13 2:05 pm

Consulting starts at $250 / hr. plus expenses and 1/2 time for travel, c/a additional, plus i can help knock down the existing structure for no charge (demo work is my dark side specialty)

Aug 25, 13 10:35 pm

Consulting starts at $150/hr. No travel cost, I mainly work through skype. Or 1/2 time for travel, free happy endings. I am desperate for work. Oh and I live in Old Westbury, LI

Aug 26, 13 11:50 am

$250/hr consulting? I need to revise my billing structure. Heyzeus christo!

Aug 26, 13 1:20 pm

Ha ... we even undercut each other on price here on Archinect !

Aug 26, 13 1:24 pm

Race to be bottom, knock yourself out. 

Aug 26, 13 3:16 pm

Don't get into a bidding war, folks.  That's what's wrong with this "profession".

Aug 26, 13 3:22 pm

Don't be a sucker responding to client inquiries on the internet. This guy, Ebalic, is looking for free advice err 'consulting.' Some of the best jobs are the ones that you turn down in this "profession."

Aug 26, 13 3:32 pm

It's a sad commentary all around, from the cheap prick looking for a freebie to the bidding war responding to the post intended to flush him out. 

Aug 26, 13 3:51 pm
go do it

^ lighten up francis

Aug 26, 13 8:05 pm

^ excellent

Aug 26, 13 8:44 pm

We have still not yet answer the question about the meaning of life and the path of spiritually, which is priceless compare to a 25x95 R5 zoning lot.

Aug 26, 13 9:31 pm

That's Frances to you. 

Aug 27, 13 2:00 am

I would answer your inquiry about life, but not before i have a retainer.

Aug 27, 13 11:22 am

^ I used to have a retainer, but don't need it anymore since my teeth straightened out.

Aug 27, 13 3:50 pm

I had a small army of retainers but couldn't afford the upkeep.

Aug 28, 13 1:56 am

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