Help identifying 16mm home movie NYC skyline? film clip.


Can anyone help me confirm that this is NYC? And if it is, help me identify any of the buidlings, jetty and/or the location from which it looks like it was shot?

This is a home movie from the 30's. I know that much!

Thank-you. Robert

Aug 21, 13 7:23 pm


Aug 22, 13 12:08 am

+1 on Chicago.

It's not NYC.  The piers would be shorter and more numerous, and it would be filmed from a narrower river more so than a vast lakefront.

I think the pier is called the Navy Pier and, at about :08 and centered, that would possibly be the Wrigley Building.

Other than NYC, no other American city would have such a robust skyline at that time.

Aug 22, 13 12:36 am

Chicago, for sure. 0:11 in your clip matches up fairly well with 2:34 here -


Comparing the videos, I'd hazard a guess that the one I found elsewhere on youtube was shot from the middle of the pier, closer to the shore, while the one you posted appears to be shot from a boat that just departed from Navy Pier - the horizontal black thing at the beginning.

Aug 22, 13 1:47 am

Yeah I would think the lack of commercial vessels is also a clue it is not NY.

Aug 22, 13 7:36 am

thank-you all for your help, confirming this as Chicago, not NYC. The big building with the 'crown' (mid-frame at 0:08) appears to be 680 N Lakeshore Drive in Chicago. "Built in 1926, it was, at the time, the 'largest building in the world'!" (according to wikipedia).

Aug 22, 13 8:37 am

ps. threadkilla - that's a great little home-movie you linked to.

Aug 22, 13 8:39 am

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