Third Year Student problem after moving to a new please.


In 2012 I received an Associate degree in Architectural Technology. In the fall I was accepted into a 4-year pre-professional degree (BSAED) at Morgan State University in Baltimore, Maryland. At this point, I was well underway to achieving my educational goals. But after the conclusion of fall semester, I moved to Chicago for personal reasons. This was not an easy or normal decision. Bear in mind, this was something my family and I felt we HAD to do. Most people (including myself) would see this as an upgrade. Unfortunately, my move at a random time proved to be a future problem.

Now, it seems I have put myself in a bit of a corner. My move to Chicago did not happen until late March of this year (2013). When I looked into the possible transfer schools I can apply to I noticed there were only a couple that really had what I needed/wanted. The schools I found are University of Illinois in Chicago and Illinois Institute of Technology. When I finally got settled in, it was too late to apply to UIC. After applying to IIT, I was told that I "should take some studio classes and apply again next year."

Here is my question: how exactly do they suggest I do this without being accepted into an architecture program?

I am having trouble finding a college/university that offers architecture/design studio courses that do not require you to be accepted into an architecture program. Does anyone know what I should do next?

Has anyone ever been or knows someone who has been in a similar situation?
Where can I take a third year Spring studio course that can be transferred into a 4-5 year program?

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Aug 20, 13 5:16 pm

You might look at Wright Jr College in the suburbs, possibly the GSD Summer discovery programme or perhaps one of the AA's visiting schools.  With your degree which is technology, it is unlikely they offer you a place past year 1.  You're best to discuss this with IIT.

Aug 20, 13 6:26 pm

I don't think IIT meant you had to take an architecture studio but instead a studio type course such as art. You should look into studio courses such as photography, sculpture, digital media, painting or anything that interest you.

Aug 20, 13 8:20 pm
Yeah check out some county colleges. When you transfer check out UIUC. I applied to UIC, IIT, and UIUC and I was going on to third year studio as well, last year, and UIUC accepted most of my credits and I only had two years to finish where Uic wanted me to be there 4 years and IIT for 5.
Aug 20, 13 10:43 pm

Thank you all for the great advice. I will take a look at some colleges further out of the city.

@mjbattip, you may be right. It was my admissions couselor who was relaying the message from the Architecture board. So, it was a little hard to figure out exactly what was said. If nothing else I will still take some arts studio courses. It's always good to have them in this field anyway.

Aug 21, 13 10:56 am

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