how much to charge?


How much to charge for fiberglass and aluminum shop drawings?

I have been working for an Aluminum company for a year and now I am leaving them to start my internship in an architectural firm. I will continue doing them shop drawings as a freelancer

any idea how much to charge? should i charge per hour or should i have a set charge per project (whether big or small)?

Please advise,

Aug 20, 13 12:28 pm
Charge them about twice what they were paying you to work for them directly. Also check to make sure this is ok w your new employer, some don't allow freelancing.
Aug 20, 13 1:04 pm

The general consensus is 2x to 2.5x what they were paying you previously.  And gruen has some good advice - make sure it's okay with your new employer, there may be a conflict of interest down the line.

Aug 20, 13 5:21 pm

Charge them per project, not hourly. Hourly billing is for suckers. Flat fee is how you make a profit.

What's the maximum amount they are they willing to pay? Charge that much if you think you can do so and make a profit. Otherwise, pass. Let your competitors lose money.

Aug 20, 13 6:28 pm

As much as you can for as long as you can until they stop paying :)

Aug 20, 13 6:31 pm

I disagree that hourly billing is for suckers. Either way, you've got to figure out how long it'll take, and how much you can charge (with the aim of making a profit).  A flat rate only works if you work fewer hours than you've budgeted for.

Aug 20, 13 8:05 pm

bowling_ball, you have failed to understand how the cost structure of an architecture firm works. Your cost is not hours spent. It's dollars spent per unit of time plus opportunity cost. There's a big difference between those two things.

Aug 21, 13 12:35 pm

re: the idea of a billable hour see this argument includes phrases such as "noncommodity accounting solutions", and "The Cliff Jumpers".

Aug 26, 13 10:16 pm

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