Invi sible Architecture


Hi, was currently thinking of some hidde n/invisi ble architecture, places, moment that we architect might have missed...some very fundamental human activites that involve invisib le architecture...

say for go to cinema and no matter how grand the cinema looks like, whenever the movie starts, light off, and it doesn't matter how the cinema looks anymore!

another situation is..asian cities like Tokyo where you see lots of different looking buildings, but they are mostly dressed with huge signage on the outside skin..and the real architecture became not viewable..

can anyone think of something like that? :)

Aug 16, 13 11:01 am

...related, kind of odd inversion of invisible, ephemeral:

"Ludwig did not set out to copy the entire Palace of Versailles; in fact, he conceived Herrenchiemsee as something of a shell, in which only two rooms were of consequence--the State Bedroom and the Hall of Mirrors. He commissioned architect Georg Dollmann and, later, Julius Hofmann, to faithfully duplicate the center block and side wings, He eventually wished to include to longer auxiliary wings containing the chapel and court theater, but money ran short before these schemes could be executed. The king never intended that all the rooms should be completed: From the beginning, Herrenchiemsee was to be a set piece into which certain rooms were to be introduced. Their bare plaster walls, bricked up windows, and vaulted stone ceilings only served to fill out the space behind the palace's facade, providing an eerie contrast to the extravagant rooms of the piano nobile. By the fall of 1885, the palace was ready for a royal visit."
--Greg King, The Mad King: A Biography of Ludwig II of Bavaria, pp. 241-2

Earlier today, while driving to the local post office (which is within a large local shopping center, which years ago was the site of Heinz Manufacturing), I passed by what until a year or two ago was a K-Mart. For some reason the entrance to this place was wide open, and inside was an enormous, cavernous space. I thought to myself, "Gosh, the interiors of these stores are so ephemeral." Then I thought, might it not be interesting if homes were treated/designed like BIG BOX stores. Now, thinking of Herrenchiemsee, why can't all BIG BOXES look like Versailles on the outside and empty shells on the inside. Or, is that what is kind of already happening, and Ludwig was a "dreamer" just a head of his time.


Also somewhat reminded of the contrast of (old) Fremont Street (Las Vegas) during the day and at night.

Does the notion of the Decorated Shed somehow relate to 'Invisible Architecture'?


Aug 16, 13 12:06 pm

How about ordinary, vernacular buildings that make up such a large proportion of the landscape?  While not literally invisible, many consider that whole part of the building stock to be unworthy of consideration...  in other words, unnoticed and all-but-invisible in the cultural sense.

Aug 16, 13 12:45 pm

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