Not Interested in Architecture anymore..


Here's part of dbd's last post traslated into Italian and then back into English on Yahoo Babel Fish:

in the first instance, you must have certainly kind of cash in order to enter in those l' rich ass bitches' scato them. Even rinoceronte one scato it for divertimento. as make appreciate that one. V-beam then sweeping that merda not gradico nothing. in any case.

in the second place, bros...I am not communicating the merda approximately l' architecture. I mean if the mistresses, large. perhaps this is not my thing. I mean it' s my thing but the not 110% my thing. I' the d rather it obtains a head from a graduated student therefore does not go to introduce mine merda in time.

third party, health. my friend. vaffunculo all the nighters hardly over are estimated. don' female of me approximately this schifezza. I have had day 3 that scope straight all the nighter like a king freaking of the protecting one in the study. those females were like " as the dick it has made fairies that one. awakening in order much time…." Perhaps I mean yeah, you as soon as I want to suck mine coz the haven' of the dick; t overflowed for the 3 days. I mean serious. that was what. I have still torn mine at last presentation like a king. those crits were like " wow" , you have a great arm sweeping in your pants. I was like… " females yes. it graduates like rinoceronte 4 with SR2." (posterior then it was release 2, my friend of service)

quarter. I am not saying that I am going to fall from this schifezza. I mean that they are still fort like sweeping l' tree of pine of 1000 years in the forest of the redrwood in California of the North. thus I mean that I have my sugosa toxic substance for my according to year, 3 years. and it obtains a master nell' sweeping architecture.

"rinoceronte"...hee hee hee...

"vaffunculo all the nighters"...rotfl!!

Sep 11, 08 8:49 pm
"The Co-op Guy"

wow that is quite a good translation. posterior then it was

Sep 11, 08 10:28 pm

i have to try that shit too. brb after getting that shit lick

Sep 12, 08 8:34 am

there is an underground club at my university. people trade their boyfriend and girlfriend. i mean trading for sex.

if you are in ny, boston, area... let's party

Sep 12, 08 3:30 pm
Cacaphonous Approval Bot

so . . .

it's princeton, eh?

now it all makes sense.

Sep 12, 08 11:15 pm
Cacaphonous Approval Bot

"i mean trading for sex"

if you have to clarify, you shouldnt be an architect.

we only trade for sex.

Sep 12, 08 11:20 pm

designby- sounds like you're really smart and pretty aggressive - ever think of b school? getting out there and helping to re-structure the industry so architects (primarily you, others by following your lead) get a bigger piece of the $$ they generate? You don't even need school, just by a few text books for reference and get out there.

it also sounds like you are wasted :/

Sep 13, 08 1:05 pm

designbydesign, I'm nominating you for "troll of the year" award. Keep up the good work.

"shit was so cash"

Sep 13, 08 1:41 pm

Oh, and i want to be at your thesis review, please be sure you're wearing a tight black shirt, w/ spiked black hair, and have one of (or two) of your emaciated "bitches" w/ platinum-blonde hair and day-glo tans on both arms.

for your reference:

Please note the bottle of gray goose, patron will make do as substitute.

Sep 13, 08 2:03 pm

my thesis review? it sounded like tits review for me. i don't just dig blondies. come on my friend, it's not all blondie.

i'd wear something crazy for my thesis review. what do i have to lose. nothing! it's just school not like i am going to the fucking jail or getting my ass fuck by an inmate.

by the way, your picture.. that chick... she is kinda beat. i'd bust my load on her face then leave. enough of the sexual bs. you started this dude.

i mean come on... architects are cocky. architecture students think they are the shit. fuck that. i mean.. i am sorry i am a grad student at one of the best architecture schools in the world. i guess i fit in that cocky son of bitch world. not everyone here are cocky, but people in ivy league are somehow cocky like John fucking McCain aka the trucky neck.

Sep 13, 08 3:06 pm

perhpas dbd would end up with an real estate developer......funcky post, could not love it anymore....

Sep 14, 08 5:48 pm

and when are around 30, you better think sth seriously,esp your so-called ego...

Sep 14, 08 5:49 pm

no shit Xing buddy. time to get serious. got to take care of those ladies first. speaking of that, last night. god... freaking late night adventure. an hour long "war". hot piece of fuck. god!

Sep 15, 08 12:42 am

the only thing in the last post related to architecture is fuck. god!

Sep 15, 08 3:19 am

this should go in the "which ivy league grad program is the best" thread. clearly how much ass you can pull has to factor into your decision.

Sep 15, 08 3:29 pm

you mean how much ass i can get? that's what my screen is showing. sometimes i just hate those LED displays.

Sep 15, 08 7:43 pm

¡Yo! This thread is DOPE! ¡Yo!

Sep 15, 08 8:26 pm
chatter of clouds

why is there here an implicit equation between fucking and what is being preconceived as the rearing of banality (as if we're not all prey to that latter day and night)? why the entwining of sex and ivy?
dbd as the troll pied-piper, a priapetic orpheus for the trailing latent trolls. double double the troll trouble.

Stripping naked is the decisive action. Nakedness offers a contrast to self-possession, to discontinuous existence, in other words. It is a state of communication revealing a quest for a possible continuance of being beyond the confines of the self. Bodies open out to a state of continuity through secret channels that give us a feeling of obscenity. Obscenity is our name for the uneasiness which upsets the physical state associated with self-possession, with the possession of a recognised and stable individuality. Through the activity of organs in a flow of coalescence and renewal, like the ebb and flow of waves surging into one another, the self is dispossessed, and so completely that most creatures in a state of nakedness, for nakedness is symbolic of this dispossession and heralds it, will hide; particularly if the erotic act follows, consummating it.

and if artifact (the practice of architecture), in the spirit of mimises, is being compared to the real thing (the practice of sex), then one must say that in the absence of flesh, some can still make do with stone (and of course, there is that comparison of making do with women in the absence of men):

Before the attendant could make an end to her story Charícles exclaimed, "So! Even made of stone, a woman wants loving. How then if such a beauty came to life? Would not a night with her be worth Zeus' very scepter?" Callicratídes replied, smiling, "We don't know yet, Charícles, whether many more such stories lie in store for us once we reach Thespiae."<3> "What do you mean?" asked Charícles. Callicratídes answered, not without reason. "It is claimed," said he, "that this young lover had a whole night to satisfy his passions at his leisure. Yet he dealt with the statue as with a boy, thus proving he was not seeking the woman in front." When other comments along these lines brought tempers to a boil, I said to them, after calming them down, "O very dear friends, if you are going to argue, do it properly, according to the blessed rules of contest. Stop this disorderly and fruitless spat. Let each of you defend his cause in proper fashion. It is not yet time to board. Let's put this moment to good use in the service of enjoyment, exploring these serious matters in a way that combines pleasure and profit. Let's leave this temple since people are starting to crowd in for their devotions, and let us repair to the garden, there to listen and talk to our heart's content. But remember, he who is bested today is never again to reopen this discussion."

Sep 16, 08 3:45 am
chatter of clouds

...or rather mimesis

Sep 16, 08 3:49 am

So where is our friend designbydesign these days? any updates since 10 years ago? Did he get stuck in this dreadful profession, ended up going into graphic design, spilled your juice over the LED screen nightly?

Sep 19, 19 9:47 am

Eh, if you've made it this far I have a feeling that it might just be momentary thoughts. I've felt the same way in the past, and looking back, I am so glad I didn't stray away from architecture. However, if not, I suggest you make up your mind quickly. You shouldn't continue to pursue architecture unless you absolutely love it. I'm not sure if this comment even helps, but I hope you're able to figure this out.

Sep 19, 19 12:26 pm

Wow, I just realized this is from 2008...


Hey don’t worry, it happens. Well, you can get trained and become a handyman or contractor and polish your skills and build experience while interacting with people. 

Sep 22, 19 12:00 pm

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