Not Interested in Architecture anymore..


i must say this: i am not THAT interested in architecture. i am just ok with it. I am a second year graduate student at an Ivy League school. i am 27.

I remember back in the days i tried so fucking hard to get in this freaking school, so i can pay over $36,000 a year to the rich; oh, another few thousands to the health insurance jokers. Don't forget another $10k to those rental freaks. so, i am talking about something like $55,000 a year.

But honestly, money is not a problem. not because i have a rich family. i mean i never had problems with money. we can leave this to bed. I am just tired of school. Maybe my summer vacation was too good.

Architecture school is so... freaking long and so much shit to do everyday. i mean come on, i made it the first year. I score something Herzog related for the summer. My first year work is going to be on the school portfolio for show. I am doing very well. I am good at many things in architecture school. I can fucking rip shit out of rhino like nothing. i can render those bitches well. BUT... i am just tired of this shit. The fact that i have a home on the fucking ivy league campus.

son of bitch. i think i am going to dump my juice on my second masters degree. architect ain't going to make a lot of money. i mean every fucking things are money and money. but we need money to even fuck an undergrad bitch. take her out dinner and shit.

whatever. seriously. you guys might think that i am a joke here. no i am not. i am sitting in front of my big ass screen in the studio, and thinking... fuck architecture. School will never going to be #1 on my list. I mean when i walk out of this fucking building to the real world. who cares if you are number fucking 1 or 2 in studio. At long as i have the most powerful weapon - my brain. i am cool.

sorry for bitching about life. i mean school. bitching about school on the 4th day. how fucking funny is that. this is going to be a long ass semester. i need to get a head tomorrow for a good start. later bitches.

p.s. forgive me for the bad english.

Sep 8, 08 12:05 am

damn... I'm sorry man, just ride it out and sit on your parents' fat stacks for the rest of your life

Sep 8, 08 12:49 am

To those who are thinking about architecture school. i'd suggest, don't even think about it. do something like graphic design, web design (programming for flash action scripts), product design etc.


Sit on my parents' fact stacks for the rest of my life? you think that's what i'd do? then why even bother to enter an Ivy fucking League school for two masters degree. I don't wish to get money from them. I'd make my own shit after i get something big out of my second masters. but architecture? fuck it... I'd say my juice for those rich ass undergrad bitches.

I can keep going. but i'd call it a night for bitching. i mean we all have issues with things. Here i am.

Sep 8, 08 12:58 am

i understand you... i think everyone understands at least a part of you, but this thread is still extremely entertaining. the only thing i dont like is how you say dont do architecture. sorry if its not for you, but that doesnt mean its not for other people. my apologies kind sir, but you are not god

honestly? if you dont care, dont do it. if you dont want to do it what you do wont be good

go pursue your passion in those "rich ass undergrad bitches" so you can spend all your juice on them

Sep 8, 08 2:32 am

If you rate that high then yes - it is beneath you.

Sep 8, 08 3:14 am
chatter of clouds

intelligent stupidity vs dumb intelligence

calling me a bitch while reading your coprological verbiage , you smutty larvae infested gutter residuum.

can someone explain the concept of dumping or spending juices? is this an allusion to "despunking"?

Sep 8, 08 3:55 am

hey i tell every young guy i meet in first year or thinking of going into architecture not to do it. i tell them that they will either waste their life and everyones time because they wont put in the effort needed to really mean something in this field or they will do very well and it will cost so much of their life to go far with it. i tell them it isn't worth it and they'll feel as though they never get outa school....all thier friends will graduate....but not the archies.

btw i absolutely love my profession and wouldn't do anything else with my life.

Sep 8, 08 4:08 am

Just out of curiosity, what's your profession ?

Non Sequitur

Replying to an 11y old discussion?


Oh hey, good to see you here too.

led signal light

dude, sounds like you have done everything you need to do in life. did you try bedminton?

Sep 8, 08 4:14 am


You need to get laid.

Sep 8, 08 5:58 am
Cacaphonous Approval Bot

too late!

spilled my juices on my big ass screen . . .

bitches . . .

Sep 8, 08 6:05 am
liberty bell
but we need money to even fuck an undergrad bitch. take her out dinner and shit.

You need to get laid.

The mind boggles. We've really come only this far since suffrage?


Sep 8, 08 8:39 am

what is your other masters besides architecture?

Sep 8, 08 8:46 am

You sound just like me in my last year of college. Get over yourself. I agree that being #1 in grad school doesn't mean a damned thing in the "real world." I agree Architecture school is too long and tedious for the "real world" pay we make. I agree that "money" makes the world go around ~ or affords you a date so you can "fuck an undergrad." Just suck it up like the rest of us.

Sep 8, 08 9:48 am

You dont need money to get laid, period. You are in school, date someone in school, pretty damn simple. I didn't have time/money to be going out to fancy restaurants to 'impress'.

If you didn't have money, I'd say you had a lot to be concerned about. I, too, have always suggested anyone seriously consider other professions. I pay my team far more than any architect would make and most are in their early 20's, work 30-40 hours a week, etc., etc.

Where my sympathy waivers is when you say you have money. God, how many of us wish we had money and connections coming out of school?!! I certainly would have never left the profession!

You can have a great career, making decent money, with connections and a foundation to do what you want (financial stability starting out is HUGE!! Look at Meier, Mayne, Hadid, etc., etc. - all did not have to do work for cash, they could focus on building a reputation, entering competitions, finding clients that they wanted).

Granted, I don't know the depth of your resources, but assuming that you are not worried about 40k per year, I'll guess your folks have a nice pile.

Use it, utilize the position you are in. Be thankful for it. F*ck, you got into an ivy league school and you don't have to worry about money!! My God, man, be thankful, pull that f*ckin' chin up and make it work.

I think I'd slap ya if I was in front of you.

If you can't handle it, drop it, and go work for your parents, go do some RE development, etc., etc.

Sep 8, 08 9:54 am

I'll step in and say.....

.... I don't even know if I can get the money to pay for school this year. I go to a school that costs less than $5000/yr, and I don't have the money for that. My parents might pay to fly me home once or twice a year, but that's really all they can afford. I have pretty much zero connections, and no money to speak of.

..... And my girlfriend of four years broke up with me two months ago. I'm a thousand miles away from my family.

But I'm kicking ass and taking names.

Suck it up, buttercup.

Sep 8, 08 11:22 am

Is this a joke???

Because you can rip the shit out of Rhino you feel that you've tamed the profession. Go work for habitat for humanity and just try and get something decent built by yourself and see how tough it is in the "real world" of architecture. Run a business, and try to create a good environment for staff who want to work for you. Now try and be cutting edge and fun and make it work that the general public finds stimulating and moves them.

The job can be dynamic, fun, enriching even profitable but never boring.

Sep 8, 08 12:39 pm

Why don't you go into video game environment design, they will make you a designer, pay you big bux, and then oneday, you will be bored out of your mind working on level design for Grand Theft Auto XII, and then you will regret having left architecture.

Sep 8, 08 1:48 pm
and then oneday, you will be bored out of your mind working on level design for Grand Theft Auto XII, and then you will regret having left architecture.

Ha ha ha ha I actually know people like this!

Sep 8, 08 6:56 pm

STOP we are feeding another troll

Sep 8, 08 7:07 pm
Jordan Lloyd

Why not just spend the rest of the year working on a project that is pure indulgence from yourself? And if you are so good at Rhino, ditch it and try some working methods completely different to what you are used to.

Sep 8, 08 7:10 pm


Sep 8, 08 7:35 pm

ummmm..i've actually found that rhino is used a lot in the profession...and can be really helpful..wish i knew how to use it well...but that's just me

and i'd say, in general, if you've already lost your enthusiasm for the profession while still in school..imagine what it's goin to be like when you're actually working...i'm at about the same passion level as you at the moment..but i'm 12 years in...and just need a break.

Sep 8, 08 8:20 pm

whaaa. quit yer b*tching and just leave. it's not going to bother anyone else, that's fo sho

Sep 8, 08 8:54 pm

LULZ, arch school's bad? Wait 'till your first internship!

Sep 8, 08 10:01 pm
vado retro

actually the less interested in architecture you are the more money you are likely to make in the profession of architecture. ain't that a kick in the head?

Sep 8, 08 10:41 pm

that is so true...

Sep 8, 08 10:48 pm

I read your explanation this morning and I am just getting to it now.

I don't know why you would stay in school (w/ an Ivy League tuitinon bill) if you do not like what you are doing. If you are all about money, wasting money on an expensive education is not wise! If money is no object to you, then you could stay in architecture. The reason that you can stay in architecture is becuase you will be able to be supported by your parents (or whoever gives you money) and you can work for the firms that have the most creative work. Chances are that you will be completely taken advantage of until you decide to work for a different type of firm. But, starchitecture firms are filled w/ people like that.

The reason that architects do not make much money is because beauty in building is not "necessary" to the average, utilitarian cheapskate in their McMansion. Most people don't even notice architecture (in the US at least). Developers will squeeze their projects to the point where design is unimportant.

Work in an architectural firm for more than 2 months!

If you don't love what you do..........find something else to do that you love!

Sep 9, 08 6:02 pm

I'm not interested in people who are not interested in architecture anymore any more.

Sep 9, 08 6:18 pm
liberty bell

Emilio, damn - I want THAT on a T-shirt! ;-)

Sep 9, 08 10:30 pm

Trace... you wanna slap me? tell me how bad you wanna do that. hit me. don't awake my freaking 3rd arm. watch yourself.

Sep 10, 08 1:49 am

21Ronin... i understand where you are coming from. i don't have to work at a firm. master of architecture is not all about working at a firm. i might work at the firm for few years then do something else for 100% sure. i only live once, i'd try out whatever the hell i could. i have nothing to lose. i am still the shit... sorry to say this, i know it sounds like a dick head. but with two masters from ivy league school. i mean, i could go anything and do whatever the hell i want. i mean of course has to be related to my field. let's just leave this ivy talk alone.

let's talk about those bitches in ivy league school i mean those undergrads. some of them are really looking for a big daddy.

sorry bro... i know i am a joker. but guess what bitches dig that shit.

Sep 10, 08 1:58 am

xacto... you asked me about my second master.

my second one has nothing to do with architecture. not landscape or planning..etc... nothing like that. however, it's a design related subject.

i rather not say, coz some of you smart asses will figure it out, know where i go to school. i mean how man ivies got architecture? i am not in a Cornell dude. so... take a wild guess and have fun. late. i am out. going home and sleep.

Sep 10, 08 2:16 am

"score something Herzog related for the summer"

damn dude, way to stick it to the man. yer a badass and we should all bow down and slob yer knob.

what are you, cinderella, 22? grow the fuck up. is this a joke? i'm guessing penn, no offense to TK.

oh, by the way, 6 ivy league unis have architecture programs.

Sep 10, 08 2:32 am
"The Co-op Guy"

this is a disgusting posing. idk why im even reading b/c i find your language so offensive. i know you're just going to retaliate with some derogatory remark about how im all high and mighty or something, but come on man, get a life and why do you have to throw your disrespect for every human being around this forum like some gods gift which you're obviously not. just because you're in ivies doesn't mean you are going to benefit this world, and with the way you talk, i don't see how anyone can stand you. unless of course you're just doing some twisted social experiment on archinect to see how far you can push peoples tolerance of your stupidity. I hope to God that you're not really like this in real life and treat women the way you talk about them.

holz i agree. this is a fucked up joke.

Sep 10, 08 3:12 am
Jordan Lloyd

To be fair Archistic, all nighters are overrated :)

I'm never doing another one ever again. Ever.

Sep 10, 08 5:18 am

holz, i am thinking that it's Cornell and not Penn, Cornell students seem to be the ones doing the most bitching, and it could be because it's not really an Ivy. i mean when all other Ivies are in or near cool cities and you live near some gorge that students throw themselves into, i guess coming here to complain is the next safest thing.

Sep 10, 08 5:31 am

vr:"actually the less interested in architecture you are the more money you are likely to make in the profession of architecture. "

or outside of arch...

op might consider teaching rhino, etc. not sure about the income...

dbd:"do something like graphic design, web design (programming for flash action scripts), product design etc."

sure graphics design, if you like an income lower than a non union green card janitor's (but still need a degree to get a job).
with web design you have to keep moving along. flash is flash in the pan. time to move on to web3.0 :-)

Sep 10, 08 5:35 am

I like this guy... he's a hoot!

Sep 10, 08 6:24 am

He fairly entertaining alright.

Bet he's never got close to an rich 'undergrad bitch' though!

Sep 10, 08 7:00 am
chatter of clouds

she said he had lost all interest in life
and curled up into her tight fisted body
knotting into her personal histories
and her bitter complexes

she lashed out, she grew priapetic,
this stranger, furious and horny
she turned violet, almost exploded
she said she had lost all interest in life
we fucked and the dawn broke
over our now pallid interest-free bodies
like two virgin eggs, still and ready

Sep 10, 08 7:05 am

notilucent, you've obviously gone through the breaking-up-with-architecture thing at least once before...

Sep 10, 08 8:42 am
chatter of clouds

well no, i didn't fall in love to break up. i wish oh i wish i can fall in love though to let someone cannibalize me. or maybe i don't, maybe i wish to become a though-less fakir and drift through seam-less. also i'm quite crap at being a predator, i usually end up the predated.

Sep 10, 08 8:49 am

...and it looks like if you're not interested in architecture anymore, you can always write a volume of cut-n-pasty poetry. Call it "It seems I prefer architecture profaned" Reenacted even.

Sep 10, 08 10:46 am

great suggestions.

Archistic: "....i know you're just going to retaliate with some derogatory remark about how im all high and mighty or something......."

why would i do that? I am here to unload the truth inside of my little lovely heart.

This is not a joke. Whatever you say and think. yes, i am not a normal person. i have issues with items.

it's funny that, that dude didn't believe me i score something Herzog related internship this summer. that's fine if you don't believe me. I'd bet you will never be able to score something like that. sorry i am a dick. yes, i have a dick, therefore i can be a dick sometimes.

but... i'd stay with all my words. everything i said... no BS here. i respect architecture just like i respect ladies. but if those bad bitches are being mean, i'd disrespect her in different way.

Sep 10, 08 12:10 pm

my online psychic told me that I was entering a turning point in my career. As long as Im ready to take inititive that is.

Sep 10, 08 12:21 pm

lb, I might put those T-shirts into production...

So, yea, like, pimp bitches with v-ray and like no freaking toxic juicy with a big cock and getting up on the ivy league school and rhino a box and no fucking around, nowamsayn, brothers and sisters?

Yea, this poster is a made up joke and I'm outta here.

Sep 10, 08 2:48 pm

not- sure could have fooled me. Because that's exactly what breaking up with architecture does to your relationship, if you're with an architect!

Sep 10, 08 4:29 pm

herzog-esque? naw, but it was a top 50 german firm, fuzzy nutz.

i've only ever worked for firms here in the NW since and none of them have herzog status... and i'm pretty sure folding sheets and making copies for bob stern isn't as nifty as working for pierre and jacques

Sep 10, 08 4:45 pm

I needed a good laugh so I read this post.


Sep 10, 08 4:59 pm

funny isn't it?

Sep 11, 08 2:54 pm

I love threads like this weeds out the weak, and frankly those that should quite frankly be doing something else

Sep 11, 08 5:21 pm

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