US student finding funding for study at the AA


Hi All, I'm a student from the US who's been accepted as a first year student at the AA. Due to my inability to find a viable loan I've had to defer enrollment until next year. I've looked into the Sallie Mae "smart option loan" as recommended by the school, but it is a total nightmare! Starting at 10% interest, variable with no limit! And this is variable-only option is dependent on an agreement they have with the school, not my eligibility. I would be eligible for loans from the US, however because the AA does not participate in Title IV, it is not considered eligible to receive the funds.

I am committed to going, and am willing to do whatever it takes but I need some advice. Know of any loan options, scholarships, bursaries ect. that could be helpful?

Jul 28, 13 7:26 pm

work your butt off for a year.. do overtime, weekends, start your own side venture which will support while you're attending school.  You got into AA, live in US where resources and opportunities are plenty.. sure must have creative ways to make money.

Jul 29, 13 3:54 am
Architect with a suitcase

Have you considered where you want to end up working in the world?

The UK education system is different from the US system and to call yourself and architect in the US on your return  you will have to still go through EESA and the ARE. You also have to be careful about IDP. You will also discover that you are lacking in " general education"  on your return to the US as in the UK they expect you come to university fully grounded in many subject. 

The UK visa requirements have also changed recently so you need to check how that will affect you.  Will they let you work after Part 1 and Part 2 so you can sit Part 3? Can you work in the UK while you have a student visa? ( Would you even have time to work if you are at the AA, I suspect not.) 

I too was accepted by the AA, however I could not afford to go so went to a different university. I still graduated with debt that I could not pay off quickly because architects are paid little and living in London is so expensive.

Aug 8, 13 11:20 am

In comparison to US Universities, the AA - is a bargin - $28,500 tuition at today's rate. Just like the US, if you are good at what you do, you will find work [with visa] in the UK - if your not, or think the the rules will limit your ambitions [as stated] you won't.

Aug 8, 13 11:54 am

Since you are an American attending the AA, do you plan on practicing there post graduation as well? If you do return to the US, what will you do about licensing?

Aug 29, 13 12:55 pm

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