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Hello, fellow Archinectors,

I was recently accepted into Cal Poly Pomona's M.Arch 1 program! Can anyone please throw some knowledge at me about school/working at the same time. Also, if anyone has experience with Pomona for housing possibilities in the area? I would love to live at the on-campus suites, however, there is a pretty hefty wait-list. Any ideas? 

Thanks everyone!

Jul 25, 13 5:07 pm

You can do it, however you need to become efficient ! I did it working does take away from school you will have to settle for having not quite the best studio projects in the class however you can still do well you just won't graduate 1st in your class however you will also have all your idp completed which is better ! 

Jul 25, 13 5:36 pm

I hear ya! I was thinking at a bar since i bartend already. However, i think what i can do is try out my first quarter. Feel it out. If the work gets too heavy i can always let my job go. I also don't think i want to be mediocre when I'm in the process of learning. I'm torn.. haha

Thanks for the reply, btw!

Jul 25, 13 5:49 pm

Don't work the first couple months, at least. You won't have much free time away from school, especially if the degree program is the 3/3.5 year masters. 

Jul 26, 13 9:04 pm
@Dm_v : exactly what I was thinking. I want to feel it out then see
Jul 27, 13 12:18 am
If I can pull it off.
Jul 27, 13 12:18 am

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