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Hello Everyone,

I was recently contracted to take a design and put it into construction documents. My question is if it is necessary to include the building code in the documents? Or is it a matter of knowing the code and complying to it. For example should I have codes applicable to the electricity plan included on the electrical page?


Jul 25, 13 4:31 pm

You're in over your head. 

Jul 25, 13 5:44 pm

Exactly what do they teach in architecture school?

Jul 25, 13 6:04 pm
You need to know the code and comply with it. I also outline critical code requirements on my code sheet to assist the plan reviewer with their review. I do a code plan to show it graphically as well. Since it does sound like you are a bit of a fish out of water, I'll just throw out that I do code consulting and am available at punkmotorcycles (at) gmail
Jul 25, 13 6:05 pm

You just have to comply with the codes.  Like stair hand rails have to be at 36" so on all your drawings you have to have it dimensioned  at 3'-0" to show that it's complying.  You don't have to write that you can find it in the IBC 2012 1012.2.  

Ask them if you can have a CD set of another similar project from their office so that you know their style of doing drawings.  If it's not an architecture firm, find a CD set from somewhere else (a friend?) and use that as your template.  

Jul 25, 13 6:07 pm

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