is it a good idea to include work on generative design in portfolio for march 1


hello friends i have 1 photography,2sketches,1 painting,1sculpture,2 interaction design,and 4 generative design work,i m  only applying to school which r heavy on para metrics

so should i decrease the sample work on generative design  or keep it as it is?

i have various project which i did during my civil engineering like design of r cc framed structure,steel structure but they r average

is it a good idea to include them ???what i heard that is they don't want to look at your extraordinary cad skills ,they want to know your thought process 

can any one plz elaborate on this about what to include and what not to

thanking you

Jul 24, 13 12:11 am

yes you should include them..

Jul 28, 13 11:44 am

depends... generative design is subjective.. could blow the panel's minds or be utter crap .. don't include them just because you know the technique.  Include work that is worthy to be admired only

Jul 29, 13 3:56 am

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