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Does anyone know where I could get some type of topo information on the DMZ of North and South Korea??  More specifically the JSA (Joint Security Area)?  I'm doing my thesis within this area and am finding it very difficult to find any info b/c of obvious undocumented security reasons.....


Jul 11, 13 5:41 pm

or you can go make a site visit and document it.. Part of doing a thesis is contributing something everyone can benefit from in the future :)

Jul 11, 13 10:22 pm

Haha @accesskb...that is a great idea, but unfortunately I don't see myself having the immediate timing, funding, or man power to fly all the way to Korea from America to survey x-acres and figure out the topography....maybe in a perfect world =).

Jul 11, 13 11:25 pm
You've opened Pandora's box... documenting the DMZ, if you even can get near it, would set you up for a thesis that you can discuss for years to come in interviews and with clients.

During my final semester I spent a month in China for research. It certainly helped me get an A and top 3 in my class. And yes, has helped in my current career path.
Jul 11, 13 11:36 pm

Thanks for the encouraging words @LITS.  You bring up a good point and maybe it would be a great idea for me to make a site visit.  Luckily, I'm finishing up my 2nd yr in MARCH1 grad school so I still have another year or so before my thesis starts.  I should start planning accordingly for a site visit and hopefully the schedule will accommodate it.  I'm still wondering how I would survey that much ground and figure out the topography and specifics of that area......this could get dangerous haha. 

And yea, I was well aware of how loaded and intense this site could be...but of course that was one of the draws.  Seems this condition is so specific and fantastically horrific, so it really does hit home for me (b/c of my heritage).  Thanks for the motivation!

Jul 12, 13 2:43 pm
Visit the area. You'll need a good gilley suit and land mine detector while surveying. I'll come and help if you need me. I can stand with the tourists holding the rod for you to read off of.
Jul 12, 13 3:48 pm

Sure - start poking around and next thing you know - you will have these guys in dark suits with bluetooths on knocking on your door " Sir why are you interested in North Korea?"

Jul 12, 13 3:52 pm

You might want to get in touch with someone at about such a specific region.  They've also got a wealth of references that may help to get you moving on other site related information.  Even their overall maps can give you a decent starting place.

Jul 12, 13 6:29 pm
boy in a well

I remember seeing a webpage - probably a government page - with a lot of digital map data for south korea - I think I have it bookmarked somewhere . . . perhaps see if you can find their version of the USGS - most countries have something similar. don't recall the specific data sets available...

not the most helpful, but your unicorn exists.

Jul 12, 13 8:15 pm

haha @thecyclist and @xenakis.  I'll do my best to not raise any flags here or get captured while making my site visit: if you don't hear from me thesis year, assume I'm imprisoned or dead.  

@joseph - thanks for the reference. This seems like a good site to contact and see if I can get some info - appreciate it.

@spike - if you could obtain that bookmark, it would be greatly appreciated!  I will keep searching for that unicorn in the meantime....

Jul 13, 13 4:23 pm
boy in a well

this is a link to an article about south korea's gis forestry management site. article contains link to the site, but the site is all in Korean (go figure) so I have yet to figure out how it works. sorry.

this site has raster topo data. you need some gis software and experience to convert into TINs and get the topo, etc. perhaps a little too sophisticated for noobs? a painful way to teach oneself new tricks. painless registration for free downloads.

misc mappity maps.

that's the end of my bookmarks . . .

as they say -

im sure theres a pony in the somewhere.

Jul 13, 13 9:38 pm

You might want to talk to the wacko- basketball player who lunches with the North Korean President.  I'm sure he could help you find anything you need for your thesis project.  That is if you will allow him to have your forehead tattooed with his initials.

Jul 13, 13 9:47 pm

@fku2 - thanks for the references, appreciate it!

Jul 18, 13 2:19 pm

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