Am I an Architect in the Netherlands?


I am applying for jobs in the Netherlands and I am very keen on finding a job there. However I am quite confused.

I have just graduated from an MArch program in the UK (Part II). I also have an MA in Architecture and Urbanism.

I understand that in the Netherlands and certain other countries, students simply qualify as Architects once they graduate from their MArch. in The UK however we still must complete our Part III examinations.

I cannot seem to find any "Architectural Assistant" jobs in the Netherlands, there is only "Architect" or "Intern" which is for students.

Does this mean I can apply to the Netherlands as an Architect? or am I an intern?  (Do Interns even get paid?)


Thanks for your help!

Jul 11, 13 7:40 am

In the netherlands intern's mostly receive pay (unless you are going to work for one of the bigger, international companies, that makes it a bit more unsure)

As being an Architect; I know you are allowed to ask for the title Architect BNA (the official title in the Netherlands) once you are graduated from the "Academie of bouwkunst" (Academy of building arts). This Academy grants you with the MArch title. So it should be possible to work as an Architect in the Netherlands if you actually have a proper MArch.

And about architectural assistents; they are mostly just called "ontwerper" (Designer) which are mostly architects in training (but no interns!). A desk hand isn't really common in Dutch offices if that is what you mean.

And then you should ask yourself; do you want to be an architect in the Netherlands in these period of crises and low building costs.

Jul 11, 13 3:10 pm  · 

And then you should ask yourself; do you want to be an architect in the Netherlands in these period of crises and low building costs.

Beats the hell out of being an intern in the UK or US in these period of crises and low building costs.

Jul 11, 13 3:25 pm  · 

You are not an Architect until you have a professional registration (this goes in any country). The architectenregister is where you would need to apply for one in NL. That being said, its possible you have an equivalent degree...but you cannot call yourself an architect until you have been approved and had your name added to the register.

As gjalt said your title would be ontwerper, which is between an intern and an architect. Its pretty much the equivalent for Part II in the UK.

Jul 12, 13 5:37 am  · 

Unless you plan on learning fluent professional level Dutch there is no reason for you to get licensed in NL. Only there will that license matter and if you don't speak the language anyway you can't very well be signing drawings, can you..:) Equally I would be very surprised if a NL license went anywhere towards a higher pay (again unless you speak Dutch). If you work for one of the Dutch English-speaking offices then for their projects outside NL you will anyway be working with a local architect of record who stamps the drawings.

Interns do get paid, about 6-700 euro per month last I checked. And mind you, while this is no huge salary it isn't that much less than the entry level net pay for junior architects (over half). NL does not have huge architectural salaries. However with a UK Pt II you are an architect and any attempts towards employing you as an intern (and there may very well be) are downright scams.

If you're British or planning to work in the UK later I would rather concentrate on finding out if you can get your Dutch hours to count towards your Part III case study and your CPD requirements. The ARB have been known to sometimes look favorably on such strategies.

Aug 3, 13 7:39 pm  · 

Hello. I wanted to ask a personal question. I am interested in starting an architecture master's program in the Netherlands that combines education and work at a University of Applied Sciences of which I already have an admission. How much is the payment for this type of job? . I hope you can help me and thanks in advance.

Apr 19, 21 10:40 am  · 

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