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I'm a newbie here, but does anybody know anything about the doctorate program at the University of Hawaii at Manoa? All I know is that it is the only NAAB accredited doctorate program in the country. I'm deciding between Hawaii and the grad program at the University of New Mexico (I've been accepted to both). I've visited UNM and was very impressed with the faculty, students and facility. However Hawaii is an island paradise and it's a doctorate program!!! Any info or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


Jun 26, 08 10:45 pm

I shy away from using absolute language when I'm not 100% sure about something, but I'm fairly certain that it's not the only NAAB accredited doctorate program in the country......but if you want to check, feel free to start with this list of over 30 other doctorate programs in architecture in North America.

Also if you want some other information, please start with the Search function on the main discussion page. If you still can't find what you're looking for, let us know.

Jun 27, 08 1:50 am

the pistol! ha!

Jun 27, 08 1:56 am

there is a bit of a fine line here in regards to the university of hawaii's d.arch. program...

it's a bit of a misnomer to call it a doctorate... it is NOT a Ph.D... it is NOT a research/dissertation based program... i do think that it is accredited as a professional degree... if i remember correctly, it's a 6 year program... so it is no different than doing a 4+2 M.Arch...

for some reason a few years ago, UH decided that they were going to create this new degree program called a D.Arch... they're the "only NAAB accredited doctorate program in the country" because i'm pretty sure they're the only school offering a D.Arch...

anyways, i just want to make it very clear that D.Arch. DOES NOT = Ph.D.

Jun 27, 08 8:23 am

And Hawaii is getting more and more disconnected from the mainland these days. American just cut some flights to the islands yesterday. Not sure it's the place I'd want to move as energy prices keep skyrocketing.

Jun 27, 08 9:01 am

it's a 7-year program at hawaii at roughly $14k per year tuition, so you're in school a year more than going 4+2 at new mexico.

it is the only naab-accredited doctorate program in the country, and technically you are a doctor, but i don't think there's any cache to having a d.arch. actually, i think that it would probably be pretty annoying having to explain that you have a d.arch, not a phd.

Jun 27, 08 12:28 pm

thanks everyone for your comments and for clarifying the D.Arch vs Ph.D. programs.

Jun 27, 08 6:46 pm


If you wish to apply ph.d program please don't go. They are fake decision maker. They just collect application fees from our country and make us fool. They made my rejection letter before I submitted my official documents. They are fake. How they are running university in USA i doubt. Please don't go

Apr 25, 19 1:14 pm

Hey, I have some insight as I did the undergraduate portion of the D.arch. I will say it is a very long journey at one school. What I ended up doing was getting a Bachelors of Environmental Design and continuing my M.arch elsewhere. For me the school couldn't offer me much more after four years. I really needed other professors and classmates to learn from. Feel free to message me if you have any more questions about the program.  

Apr 25, 19 6:27 pm

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