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How many of you guys play poker or gamble? (other than pursuing architecture as a career). My favorite game is one I learned in Ecuador called Cuarenta (40).

Rules of the game (in Spanish)

Jun 25, 08 11:11 pm

I bet on Sports, not into cards nor games of chance

Jun 25, 08 11:24 pm

Oh, so you guys have money in the market currently eh?

Looks like 4 to 1 odds on Halliburton.

Jun 25, 08 11:29 pm

I also like to bet on People

Jun 25, 08 11:32 pm

The market is about the only gambling I have the tolerance for.

Oil/Nat gas = Good bet

Jun 25, 08 11:47 pm

Oil's bubble is going to burst at some point, and hard.

From what i've heard it passed equilibrium way back at around $80 a barrel same goes for most of the commodities market.

Whenever financial markets get shifty traders tend to buy more commodities as they are a safer bet overall. Increased demand plays a large part but market speculation has been the key factor in oil's meteoric rise over the last year. Alot of people are putting money on oil, but if I had money on it i'd probably start selling at around $150 a barrel or at the first sign of a downturn.

Jun 25, 08 11:58 pm
wurdan freo

Craps is the greatests game ever.

Poker, however, will teach you more about running a business than most MBA programs.

Jun 26, 08 10:11 am

I only play black jack and poker in casinos. In poker, it really is more about reading people, their bets, and analyzing the position you're in vs. the opponents. You would be surprised at how little you actually see your opponents' cards - confirming the fact that it has little to do with luck. As for black jack, I like the reasoning behind it, with the ability to take additional risks like doubling down and splitting.

Ooh, I remember having to survey a casino for renovations while IN OPERATION. That was fun.

Jun 26, 08 10:56 am

monthly low-stakes poker with some friends, the occasional couple hundred on craps or blackjack if i'm in vegas.

oh yeah, and there's the mutual fund conundrum.

i actually think that if i took EVERYTHING out of the stock market and went on a big bender in vegas i'd come out ahead of the Dow.

yeah i'm a real smarty-pants.

Jun 26, 08 1:47 pm

you're probably right ML.

Jun 26, 08 1:52 pm

I play the powerball lottery when it hits $50,000,000....anything less than that is peanuts.

Jun 26, 08 5:22 pm

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