Get Robbed near U Penn

I would say if you have multiple choices, dont come to U Penn anyway, or you should live really near by the main campus (I would say 34-40 street)

BTW, U penn is really a good school, the courses in summer is fairly intensive, you don't have any time to sleep tho.However, the places are too far away from satisfactory. 

Jul 10, 13 1:23 am
Wait...are you getting robbed by a mugger for pocket change, or by the university for way over-inflated tuition?
Jul 10, 13 1:32 am

Same question as Donna's here: literal?  Or figurative?

I visited the Penn campus last month for the first time, to see Kahn's Richards Lab complex.  It's worth the trip from Center City.

Jul 10, 13 11:56 am

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