Visualisation software decision


Hey all,

I've got a model for a uni project but need to finish it off and make it look all pretty. Any suggestions of which arch vis software,

So far I've looked at Lumion, Realis3d & SketchUp.. They are all free for students but which is best?



Jul 8, 13 6:31 am

Are you still modeling or are you ready to render?

Jul 8, 13 10:21 am

Simple with me:  sketchup and then vray for sketchup.  Fast, easy, and effective.

Jul 8, 13 3:11 pm

Modelled in Revit with help, exported to FBX and applied some textures and materials in realis3d in the end lumion didn't work well for me

Aug 15, 13 11:20 am

Thanks for the help guys :) 

Aug 15, 13 11:22 am
Rhino and sketchup play nice with lumion, revit unfortunately does not. Glad it worked out for you.
Aug 15, 13 12:23 pm

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