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hello guys!

simple question. Is there any way to get any US based scholarship for an MArch II program in the US? I am European (Greek) citizen and I plan to apply in a couple of years for the pre - mentioned  programs.

As I' ve heard so far, even if you are smth exceptional, the are no real chances of getting any money...

thank you in advance

Jul 7, 13 9:47 am

Maybe fullbright scholarship?

Jul 7, 13 10:30 am

juventus7 I am not sure about it because I think that there is a condition for fullbright scholarships: You have to return to your country when you finish your studies! not sure about it though. Maybe someone can inform us on that

Jul 7, 13 1:01 pm
A scolarship's rules will be set by the individual university. Some will require you to be a US resident or citizen. Others will not care. Contact them to find out!
Jul 7, 13 4:55 pm

what Gruen said.

A lot of universities with general scholarships don't really specify. If you are hunting for external scholarships you will probably have a hard time.

Jul 7, 13 5:37 pm

thanks everyone for your answers!

Jul 8, 13 3:42 pm

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