how streetscape is impacted by the intervention of elevated Metrolines.


imlooking for views in regard to the elevated metro lines... are they good or not.  what kind of visual impact they give to a city.

Im curious to know to how it changes a streetscape as they are built on an existing. developed areas.

Jul 4, 13 7:44 pm

This sounds like a great topic.

May I suggest Google Maps Streetview... an excellent resource for just this kind of research. 

Jul 4, 13 7:57 pm

I think it frees up street level for cars, bike paths and pedestrians.  As a commuter on elevated metrolines, I think the views can be scenic as you're not travelling in a back alley, industrial zone or underground like most metrolines are. 

Take a look at the voted #1 city in the world, Vienna's elevated metroline system designed by Otto Wagner.

Jul 5, 13 7:04 pm

yea, for sure they free up the streets, and i too agree upon, views we get to see. it visually engages a commuter with city but what about the low height buildings running sideways along its way... how shadow affects them!?.

an plz help me suggesting some good reads regarding this!

Jul 6, 13 3:08 am

I'd suggest "The Metropolitan Corridor" by John Stilgoe.  It deals with railroad development in the USA up to about 1930, but it goes over some universal concepts that might apply.

Jul 8, 13 4:51 pm

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