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Hey guys, I know you must get a lot of these posts but Fall time is approaching and I guess we budding architects could use all the help we can get. 

I am starting my M.Arch 1 program this fall and was wondering what textbooks to buy that would help me especially when it comes to history of Architecture and Design. 

Please try and help ! 

Thanks :)

Jul 3, 13 3:12 am

Chings,  form space and order is a pretty basic book about design 

Jul 4, 13 1:17 pm
( o Y o )


Jul 4, 13 5:18 pm

I would dive right into monographs. Pick some architects that interest you and study buildings that catch your attention. Le Corbusier is a great place to start.

Ten Canonical Buildings by Peter Eisenman is a nice book to check out as well.

Jul 4, 13 5:28 pm

Don't buy- you'll end up with a bookshelf full of stuff that will seem remedial pretty quickly- if you have already moved to where you are going to school, learn your way around the arch. school library. If not, your friendly neighborhood public library should have enough to keep you busy for the next couple of months.

And skip Eisenman for now, you'll get enough of that bullshit once you start reading for classes.

Jul 4, 13 5:48 pm
Eisenman is still taught in school? I thought he would be out with a thousand plateaus.

For history framptons modern architecture: a critical history is good primer.

Form space and order is good if you want to design like Richard Meier otherwise its pretty out of touch with what architects are doing today.

City shaped and city assembled by spiro kostof are both good primers on urbanism. Even better is cities of tomorrow by Peter hall.

For design the thing is to do not read. If you want to start learning try designing on your own. Make up a project for the hell of it. If that seems too much work then head to building you think is good and try making plans sections and perspectives by looking at it in person. Lots of lessons in the real world. That's how architects used to learn in any case.

Wouldn't actually buy a book if I were starting from scratch mind.
Jul 4, 13 7:01 pm

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