Question about road and highway architecture and aesthetics


I am a student at civil engineering and my graduation project is about road and highway architecture and aesthetics. I would like you to suggest me books or similar projects about this subject.
Thanks in advance

Jun 30, 13 11:55 pm

I don't know of any, but I like the question so I'll bump the thread to see if anyone else can help.

Tangential, but in Vers Une Architecture Corbusier included photographs of contemporary automobiles and grain silos, because he liked the way they looked.

Also Brian Haye's book Infrastructure: A Field Guide to the Industrial Landscape is full of lovely pictures of, um, infrastructure.

Jul 2, 13 1:02 pm
Perhaps you can look into Robert Maillart and even Santiago Calatrava. Or, go to your a library and do a keyword search for art/aesthetic and engineering.
Jul 2, 13 1:59 pm

no, please don't look at Calatrava's piles of chicken bones for too long. Check out the Gran Via (I believe that's the road) project by Enric Miralles in Barcelona. Aesthetically amazing acoustic walls in that project. Also, the bulk of Barcelona's waterfront was redeveloped in the 90's - early 2000's with funding from the Olympic games, and fairly sizable runs of road adjacent territory were turned into parks, which string together quite nicely, and act as an excellent  bridge between the urban fabric and the Mediterranean. Some of the notable examples include the Poblenou park by Xavier Vendrell (who has some other interesting transportation-related projects, such as and the stretch designed by Ravettlat-Ribas architects ( - the project integrates landscape and underground parking on the edge of the highway). 
In a different category altogether, but somewhat related to the question posed by OP is the fact that Frank Lloyd Wright had to work with highway contractors to build the Guggenheim - apparently they were the only ones capable of constructing the spiralling ramp...

Jul 4, 13 3:16 am
boy in a well

geez, why not Kant's critique of judgment? Or skim Hegel's lectures on aesthetics? Or Derrida's economimesis? or some Ruskin? Or Bob Irwin? He writes easy texts. like, about coca cola. 

Shit just might be complex, god forbid. Luckily Ad Reinhardt put it all down as cartoons.

who does what represent? (sound of throat cutting in disappointment).

Jul 4, 13 5:14 am

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