UC Berkeley M. Arch over-enrollment?


I heard that the newest M. Arch class at UC Berkeley is currently overenrolled- does anyone know if this will affect the next year's class??

Jun 26, 13 6:09 pm

This doesn't give us enough information.  Which class - 3 year or 2 year?  How many is the program you want supposed to hold?  And it was overenrolled by how many?  It happens at popular schools.  One popular school that I know of once was overenrolled by 8 students.  They cut back the following year by extending less offers to get their desired yield.

Are you in, or looking at going?  The thing about UC Berkeley is the location, on a subway stop into San Francisco, the great weather, and the brand name.  It's not an architecture program that is for everybody, though.

Jun 26, 13 6:35 pm

Not sure if it is 3 or 2 year, will look into it - something that I heard from a friend who goes there. I'm applying next year!

Jun 26, 13 6:40 pm

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